RENN – Crashing: Adapted Records Release [Track Write-Up]

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RENN is back in the storm, fervently enjoying the downpour one more time with his freshest release Crashing. We were graced with RENN‘s talents not too long ago with his collaborative works with Audiostein on Contact. Now we can assuredly remain sagacious as he is back with another massive tune, Crashing, a deep, dark, and refreshing iteration on dubstep and mid-tempo.

“You’re My One And Only”

Down, Down, Down”

Crashing Down

Layers of chants envelope the surface of the newest release by RENN, and we a rigorously reminded this is no soft blow. This is a one-hit-KO from RENN, crashing onto our auditory senses at an immovable speed. Instantly morphing into a hellacious and remarkable mid-tempo surprise being elevated by magical lyrics. We are fully-impressed and delighted to have had listened to this and other crazy tunes by RENN. Get ready for an insane trip as we come crashing into this dimension of dance.

Be on the lookout as RENN will be shaping up his upcoming 2021 year with insane originals, collaborations, and more. We have a good feeling about RENN and his unimaginably bright future in the world of dance music today and beyond. Cheers!

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