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Pewtrid Records Interview

Q1: Where does your origin story begin with the record company/label? In addition, where did the fascination to start this come from to walk into the world of music business?

A1: The idea of a promo channel was suggested to me by a friend (Tyler Boss, aka Rob Boss). I wouldn’t consider this adventure into the scene a walk. I knew it was going to be a long road to building the foundation of a solid network. I got into this with the intent to help underground dubstep artists get the reach they deserved.

Q2: Why did you choose the provocative name Pewtrid originate from? Everyone has a good naming story, what is yours?

A2: When I started to produce I was going by Puget Sound, which is the region I live in. The name Pewtrid comes from a play on the word Puget which my friend (Raynor Wales, aka KATAR) came up with and I ran with it. It describes the sounds and vibe of the music that gets uploaded. Pewtrid

Q3: What sort of advice can you give to up and coming artists looking to get signed to a label such as yourselves? What insights can you add?

A3: Dubstep and its sub-genres are evolving everyday. Push the boundaries, be unique. I want to hear things I have never heard. 

Weskvv – Lunacy

Q4: What is your favorite part about being interconnected/involved in the music industry?

A4: Being connected around the world through music. I have met some of the most down to Earth people in this scene. 

Chris Tha Crook – Succulent

Q5: Thus far, what has been the Pewtrid‘s highlight moment? 

A5: I think it’s got to be when HE$H downloaded JOCA – BONGO RIDDIM sending it skyrocketing to the #1 played track on Pewtrid.

Joca – Bongo Riddim

Q6: What we can expect next from the Pewtrid Records family?

A6: MED from The Wizards is releasing his new track “VITALS” for our 3K release, coming soon! We also have a NXT LVL Takeover on Twitch on November 21st, and a compilation coming in March with Purge Collective out of Switzerland.

Nov 21st

Q7: Who do you see killing it these days? Give them a shout-out!

A7: The whole underground, but I recommend that you definitely check out Joca and Shooterz Gang 

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