[emengy] x Say Word – Halloween Mix.

Western Canada’s Record Label: emengy gets freakishly festive with their Halloween Mix presented by Colorado-based Say Word and oh-boy, did they deliver. Showcasing their best, brightest, and dutifully right, their utmost headbanging worthy upcoming works amalgamated together.
[41:17] Full of tracks/IDs featuring the sounds of Say Word, Vulture, Ozyriz, YooNek, Krakyn, CHATOOR, High Zombie, TenGraphs, Flatland Funk, Smiles Only, and V3nus. All packed into one monuMENTAL mix presented by [emengy].
Say Word channels his inner-haunted self to summon this maniacal musical mastery. Pulsating and pounding with aggressive and insurmountable energy, this mix will have you invested and locked-in within the first track dropping. Say Word shines crazed display of talent, going berserk at every corner, going the f**k off at every drop.
Keep [emengy]’s ghoulish gang of artists in your utmost frequented playlists including Say Word, Flatland Funk, High Zombie, Smiles Only and so many more. As for now, sit down, enjoy the mix and don’t break anything in the process, we’ll be back in 42 minutes or so.

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