TOA5T – Night City [Track Write-Up]

The heavenly and robust introduction to this track speaks immense volumes, carrying fissures of soundscapes with his signature cinematic style. This incremental crescendo into overwhelming ecstasy, take ones hand into the Night City.
A lush, cinematic sound prepares the listener for this journey through the Night City. Starting out soft and sleek then building into a strong electronic vibe. TOA5T uses a subtle but darker approach in between beats to really fulfill this Cyberpunk throw down!
This song contains a very intense and dramatic ascension into what could only be described as an explosive and empowering drop. Then winds down into a much softer and darker vibe. The artistry displayed in this track by the producer is one-of-a-kind. Displaying his true talent and understanding of creating an amazing cinematic bass sound.
TOA5T has undeniably been one of our ‘ones to watch‘ in 2020 ever since we were exposed to his captivating cinematic approach to contemporary electronic music. His creative and simply innovative vision and direction into the warm and inviting sounds of tomorrow are and will be what separates this artist from the rest. We are now entering the jurisdiction and authority of Night City by TOA5T.

Raise your glass, welcome to the future.

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