Unknowing – Hypno Therapy [Track Write-Up]

Utah resident and bass-music artist, Unknowing drops his much anticipated release, ‘Hypno Therapy‘ today, and it’s sure to enthrall every segment of your very existence. This stupefying and controlling track is very hypnotic and mesmerizing, then BOOM, we are hit with unparalleled bass. We are starting to develop the picture here and it’s looking fascinating… and you’re getting sleepy!
Welcome to the hypnotic induction of ‘Hypno Therapy’.

Unknowing has busted on the scene swinging with his latest release, Anubis, that amassed over 12K plays. Easily due to it’s raw and authentic result of taking a keen couple months to make the track. Perfection comes at different rates and tastes, after all. We haven’t a doubt this guy will continue to amaze us.

If you aren’t familiar with the Pokemon, ‘Hypno‘; then listen up. This secondary evolution to ‘Drowzee’, (both psychic type) that wield a pendant in their yellow beast-like hands to and fro until it’s opponent falls into a deep slumber-state. We can see the hypnotizing correlation of the track and this respective pocket monster.
Don’t fall under too quickly, this track ought to keep you up! Now snap out of it!


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