Deadly Bass: Nuclear Ninja. The Radioactive Dubstep Decay Begins.

This Deadly Bass artist is no stranger to the storm, Monsoon Season. This auditory apoloytic artist has generated an interview before and a guest mix. The radioactive-riddim and devilish dubstep this man musters is no joke. Keep your eyes peeled for this one, before the radiation peels your eyes off before you.
Let’s welcome Nuclear Ninja back to the storm!

Q1: Welcome to back the storm Isaac! We are thrilled to have you returning!
What can you tell us what is new with you? Obviously, playing a safely orchestrated event!

A1: Thank you! I always love the opportunity to be featured by the Monsoon Season team! I’ve been working nonstop since we last spoke. I officially launched my label and clothing brand, Nuclear OG, back in August, which has been doing exceptionally well! Nuclear OG hosted our first event on Oct. 8th at Your Moms House and sold out both the early and late shows! I’ve received so much new support for my brand, and it means the absolute world! As Nuclear Ninja, I’ve released 2 new singles as well as an EP with the artist Anomalous in the last 3 months; and recently, created a new single with the rapper BOAS which drops on the 23rd of October. I plan to finish the year strong by dropping one more single in November, which will lead to a massive EP release in December. I have been working tirelessly to bring my NNinja clan new music, content and shows! Expect even more come 2021.

Q2: Deadly Bass is coming up quick! What do you have planned and in store for the fearsome festivities in Grand Junction?

A2: This will be my first time playing a show on the western slope of CO, and I’m beyond excited to introduce everyone to the world of Nuclear Ninja. I’m bringing an all original set, packed with TONS of new ID’s, unreleased NNinja music, as well as, playing out all the favorites and even some of my super early tunes. This set is sure to get people on their feet and really show my wide range of EDM production skills. I hope everyone vibes with this set!

Q3: Colorado has been hit hard. Especially our ‘Bass Capital’ industry’s venues, clubs, and vendors. In what ways can you think of that we can help them as patrons, supporters, and fans?

A3: Times are crazy, and venues have been hit exceptionally hard! DJ’s and producers have the ability to get a job to compensate, but venues do not. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot we can do. As patrons and artists, we just need to respect venues, and social distancing guidelines REGARDLESS of your personal beliefs. As artists, we need to keep pushing through and producing music and safe concert experiences for people. Live music WILL return, but only if we are smart and safe about it right now!

Q4: What can we expect from you for the rest of 2020? What can we anticipate for the unwritten year of 2021?

A4: I plan on finishing 2020 strong with a bunch of new music! Come 2021, you can expect just as much if not more new music as well as a few out of state show bookings! I’m going to wait to execute some of my plans until this COVID situation is over. However, I am planning a mini tour, and throwing a music festival here in Denver with the help of a few other companies. My goal is to figure out how to make music, market music, release music, and promo all on my own. 2021 is going to be big! 

Q5: What is a message you want to send to your new and established fans of Grand Junction?

A5: First off, thank you to the whole Grand Junction dubstep scene for letting me come and play alongside your favorite locals! My music is an escape from reality. When I perform, I am transported into my post-apocalyptic world! For that hour,you are now survivors in the wasteland with me. You are now a part of my NNinja clan. I will train each of you to become warriors, and together we will conquer this new world.

Q6: Who do you see putting it down lately since we have last chatted? Give them a shout-out!

A6: There are countless talented artists grinding so hard right now! Specifically, I would like to shout-out Anomalous! This man helps me run the Nuclear OG and constantly puts out fire tracks!  A few more to mention are Syrup, Dub Vader, and the entire Deathstar Cult gang. All these guys kill the dubstep scene! Last shout-out goes to BOAS, his rap music is a vibe!

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