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Please welcome Tekknatron to the storm!

Q1: Welcome! Where did the Tekknatron project derive from? Take us back to the beginning in regards to decision to make music, and down to the name!

A1: When I was 15 I started  to go to raves in the greater Seattle area, I was watching the DJ’s WAY more then dancing I was just fascinated with the art form. One night after a rave I looked a couple of friends of mine and said “I’m going to do that one day and play EVERYWHERE!”. Very soon after that I learned from a local dj named ” DJ WOLFGANG “. At the time I was only mixing hardstyle and happy-hardcore. A couple months passed and I was told I would be moving from Washington to Ohio and I was heartbroken to say the least. I had a going away party with a lot of people I knew and that night was the first I played in front of a live crowd. I played very well the first time with some minor hiccups at the start from being nervous but after that went away I just went for it. That time of my life is why I drop hardstyle once in awhile in my sets, kind of like a shout out to my roots. Now the name ‘TEKKNATRON‘ was actually my ‘RAVE’ name. In Seattle‘s rave culture people would go by these nicknames given to them by the person who took them to there very first rave, The name has to have meaning to the person’s personality. I have always been very good with technology hints at the ‘TEKK’ part of my name but also I have always been a technical person with my thought process. Now the rest of the name ‘NATRON’ is actually just the tail end of a “MEGATRON” with a slight change for originality. My best friend who went by ‘GOOBER’ at the time was the one who named me and was technically my ‘RAVE DAD’.

Q2: Who has been the biggest inspiration in your journey thus far?

A2: My biggest inspiration has to be my Mom. She has always taught me to never give up on what you believe in and what you’re passionate about. She has kept me going when I have honestly wanted to give it all up from stress but I love the way music makes me feel way too much to give up and she really taught me that. Now on a professional level inspiration i would have to say Barely Alive & Virtual Riot. They have made a label that has partnered with Warner Bros. and they are BASS MUSIC! I just honestly think that is so cool and impressive I honestly would love to build a platform for artist to be recognized and that’s why I’m attempting to do with my production company/label ‘SYNTHETIC SOUND’

Q3: What has been your favorite track to make and why?

A3: What is my favorite track I have made… hm well that’s hard to pick between 2 of them actually so I think I’m going to tell you both of them. ‘THE EXILED ONE‘ (Black Soul EP) & ‘COLORS OF SOUND‘ (SINGLE) I would honestly have to say, They both made me feel proud that I was able to make new sounds that flowed so well together when I was honestly trying something new. in ‘ THE EXILED ONE ‘ it was my first real attempt at riddim and I was so happy it came out the way it day with my very own name sample! In ‘COLORS OF SOUND‘ I made a new signature bass sound called ‘LAZOR BASS‘ I used it once in my ‘DIRTYSNATCHAHEAD DROP ( TEKKNATRON REMIX ) but I fully mastered it in my opinion in ‘COLORS OF SOUND‘.

Q4: What do you have in store for the rest of 2020 and or into 2021?

A4: For the rest of 2020 due to the pandemic all I can really do is just make new music and also keep making local shows with social distancing and masks mandatory at the events. I really hope that everything goes back to normal one day until then I wish for everyone’s health and safety during these times. Now s in music production I have a new EP coming out this Christmas through ‘ SYNTHETIC SOUND ‘ that I really can’t wait to release for you all! Now speaking that 2021 will be much better year and things will resume back to normal then I would like to help more of my label mates produce more tunes and also put together another festival like we do in 2019! The festival would be called ‘ LOST LAWNS ‘ and it would be the weekend before ” LOST LANDS ” as a pre-party local festival! 

Q5: Who are you trying to collaborate with in the near future?

A5: I would love to make more collabs with my label-mates but honestly I have been REALLY vibing with the local Michigan / Cleveland Ohio music scene! Here are a couple artists you just might see a collaboration with TOPH!, CHUBBZ, 2 TONE, OD DABBER, RAPTURE REX, HELICOPTER SHOWDOWN, MSHN3, SMILEZ, and many more! I don’t wanna ruin all the surprises. 

Q6: Walk us through your creative process behind So Much Better! What went into that track mentally and physically?

A6: Me and my friend Katrina were up talking one night and she asked me if there was a way I could make a song out of an old video she had on YouTube. She sent the video and I thought why not make something that was a little bit of a space trap and dubstep vibe. So the whole time I wrote the melodies with the idea of being in space feeling like an alien sense that is what me and her already feel like on a social level. I went back and forth with her until we created what you hear today! I honestly might make more songs like this in the future. 

Q7: Who do you see killing it these days? Give them some love and a shout-out below!

A7: I see A LOT of my homies doing being things out in the scene! I wanna shout these people out for not only the skills they have but also the friendships they have given me TOPH!, CHUBBZ, DJ GNARFOX, KINOBI – 7, CR33P, SKETCHLYFE, SMILEZ, RVBBISH and many more I could say but I don’t think you want me to give you a full page of names. Thank you for having me!

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