EP Review: TOA5T – Colorized. Captivating Cinematic-Bass

TOA5T popping up out of Sacramento, California is an artist of rare talent. Fusing and amalgamating orchestral soundscapes with modern trap and bass synths to ultimately construct music that is unprecedentedly influential and impacting. His recently dropped EP; ‘Colorized‘ is a three-piece symphony of lustrous tracks that will ascend your mind, body, and soul into his world of TOA5T.

Gun Shot Symphony (2:55)

To begin the tertiary of tunes, we start with Gun Shot Symphony. Setting sight and locking aim on the beginning piano is so bewilderingly entrancing. This is such a theatrical and progressive track to get lost in. Second by second, you are in a movie. Living, breathing and existing as the protagonist of your own prophecy. What a wild journey. 10/10

Hoodlum (3:08)

Hold the phone! This is absolute gold. Never do you find a track with such unheard authenticity, brilliance, and raw modern taste. The amount of range, complexity, and auditory opulence in Hoodlum is insurmountable. With all do respect, if The Glitch Mob went trap (or harder than they go now) at any time in their careers it would be of this magnitude in production. This track is a total shake-down of grime and grunge, while still holding on to it’s urban and contemporary value. If you haven’t transformed into a hoodlum by the end of the track, simply… press replay. 10/10

A Deadly Dance (3:14)

This soft and docile introduction is a gripping Segway to what is building to be a very luminous end to the EP. The everlasting piano drifts you into a solo violinist that instantly melts the auditory senses of your soul, followed by some intimidating drums. This blends and remains cohesive all the way through the performance. 10/10

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