Our Top 5 SoundCloud Guest Mixes You Must Headbang To.

As much we fervently and honestly believe you should (and are going to) listen to all of the mixes on our SoundCloud, each and every one of them. Although, we have withered the twenty-two (22) insane guest-mixes down to our five favorites.
This list isn’t compiled of mixes that were chosen due to their views, likes and or reasons of popularity. This list represents bass, filth, mania, and craftsmanship.
Enjoy folks, we sure did!


5. KDUBz, exploding out of our July guest-mix series; nightLIGHT is our first pick. This mix claims the number five spot simply because, it’s nuts. The intro is so captivating and subsequent to that is just auditory anarchy! KDUBz, does a job, well done.

, showed us no mercy in his cloudBURST guest-mix which was featured mid-August. His erupting build ups and ever-lasting drops proves his place as the number four spot on the list. This Canadian mutilated his mix with ease and quickly too. The energy and provocative violence in it is astounding! Give it a listen, or two!

, used all 8-legs in his audio arachnid assault! His July, nightLIGHT guest-mix was our very first, and he did not disappoint. The BENZO$PIDER evolution and incorporation of his hybrid-trap skills and dubstep talents are all-the-rage! Be sure to give this mix a moment of your time!

2. Say Word
, makes you say What The F**k after listening to his August guest-mix for our cloudBURST series! It’s a plethora of pleasure, ascending into the top tiers of best mixes I’ve heard to date. His constant ability to surprise and straight-up-mind-f**k someone in seconds, flat is not just worth mention but it’s worth celebrating! So with that being said.. gotta second to listen?

takes the cake as number one on our list of leisure and luxury! Where do I begin? The absolute quality of track-selection and vibe-checking is utterly maniacal. I wasn’t expecting a whole 35+ minutes of pure dance-forward, destructive, and damn good tunes to be packed into a salacious sardine-can of a mix. Give this guy a headlining spot (again)! Watch out, take notes, take cover. Do what you have to, just make sure you’re listening to this mix in the process. Get to it!

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