Khastik. Utah’s Newest Threat To The Industry

Caleb Romano, or as his name prevails, Khastik joins the storm. His self-driven demeanor and constant progression of new skills keeps this guy in our radar. Being a Utah local, he knows all the folks and right people to succeed. Please welcome Khastik to the storm!


Question 1. I always ask this question if I get the chance to. Why do you do music? Give us the origin story behind Khastik.

Answer 1. Well, I fell in love with EDM right when Skrillex dropped his album Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. I was instantly taken back by the awesome sounds that I knew never existed before. From then on I aspired to be up on stage for my career. My name, Khastik, is pronounced “caustic”. It originates from my love for music at a very young age.

Question 2. How long have you been producing music? And I heard you just recently got your first show how did it go?

Answer 2. I’ve been making music since that album dropped. I was 10 years old. I was self taught up until 2019 when I started school at Salt Lake DJ and Production and haven’t looked back since. My first show was great! Except when my BPMs weren’t displaying for some reason, that was a challenge for sure! I guess my flash drive didnt register the songs correctly when I exported through Rekordbox? Anyways, aside from that, I had a blast. I’m looking forward to do more for sure. I’ve been practicing hard!

Question 3. Who has been the most inspiring artist(s) you’ve worked with along your path?

Answer 3. The coolest experience I have with that is having SQUNTO as my teacher. I owe a huge thanks to him and all the guys over at SLDP for getting me to where I am today. I look forward to working with some other artists in the future as well for collabs and B2Bs!

Question 4. Do you have any dream collaborations? If you work with one person dead or alive who would it be?

Answer 4. Dream collaboration would either be with Seven Lions, or Illenium. Kind of hard to pick honestly!

Question 5. Whats a piece of advice you’d give your younger self regarding your musical career?

Answer 5: Go to school as soon as possible and invest your time there wisely

Question 6:  What are your aspirations in the near future considering the pandemic and the state of our government? Or, does it add fuel to your fire?

Answer 6: It definitely adds fuel for sure since I have so much more time now to focus on what I love, music.


Question 7: Your music is heavy in the melodic dubstep. Do you have any goals to reach any other genres or are you going to stay there? If so, why?”

Answer 7: I’m thinking I’ll branch out in the future to other genres such as heavy dubstep, house, and other genres of EDM. I would most definitely stay in some form of EDM though as this music is by far my favorite.

Question 8: Got anything up your sleeve as of today? Work in progress, collaborations, or shows coming up? What can you tell us?

Answer 8: I always have something in the works. I’ve been talking with Mr. Wildfire and Hex Effect about a future bass collaboration, but we are still talking about that. At some point in the next year or so I will be releasing my first album! Its sounding like my next show is going to be in October, as long as the venue is in ordinance with the law.

Question 9: We all have a mentor as we step into this scene, who is yours?

Answer 9: Currently, the folks up at SLDP are who I owe thanks to for being the best school out there when it comes to music production.

Question 10: This scene is huge and a lot of people don’t get enough credit. Who do you think needs some recognition in your scene? Give them a shoutout.

Answer 10: I wanna give a shout out for Dub Vader and his new label! Big ups to him and everyone who made Deathstar Cult Ltd. possible!

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