Remix Review: Clozee- Mirage (Bopper Remix)



Bopper is back with an incredible remix of CloZee‘s track; Mirage. Bringing a new and exciting approach to bass-music with ease. With the mysterious beginning initially captivating you, the middle leaving you disoriented, and the end is an all-expansive and wild hallucination.

As we said before the beginning is a soft exploration in the musical desert that charms you. This intoxicating sound drives the track closer to it build up and the flute that has you wrapped, subsequently it leading you to a deathly drop.
The drums pick up and your auditory senses are possessed. This drop we are hearing is exactly that, a mirage. Although we have reason to believe this mirage a WONKY one.

This is the total Bopper get-up, his signature sound in the remix of the already hyped track from CloZee. The long carry-outs of bass add some sort of mental disturbance and you are only left to start raging to the delectable amount of bass. Trust me, no one is in sight for miles (dance away).

Instantly this track takes you on a wild ride. The force in the bass is unparalleled. We sure are going to have this track liked, and reposted on his SoundCloud.
As for Bopper himself, he is easily the most slept on heavy-hitters in our sights. Carrying an arsenal of mean tracks like Zap, Kick it (with Dukez), and his remix of Crust and Jelly by Chibs are undeniable examples of his abilities. Not to mention this bass-music artist has been interviewed by us and has two features on our SoundCloud. Give this maniac some love by liking his pages listed below.

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BOPPER · Clozee – Mirage (Bopper Remix)


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