The collective, Omunitymoons; presents a whole bass-forward, excitingly dysfunctional, outright assault on a takeover from Deathstar Cult. With a lineup that screams insanity, you can see it for yourself as its stacked with prolific talent from the Utah area. The lineup includes the likes of Neon Drip, Dukez, Firestarterz, Lucid Dreams, Dub Vader, and ultimately the aggregate of them all as a final back to back performance to close out the weekly live stream takeover, no survivors.

Omunitymoons, a collective bringing a higher vibration for all through community action projects, dance, art, music, and the creation of sacred spaces.
Being a community organization it’s admirable to see altruism.
Wasatch Wednesday Streams is going down in history in this final showdown b2b your spine will lose structure. Neckbrace, engaged.

Deathstar Cult brandishes in their arsenal of serious powerhouses. Their monumental stack of artists is in the bleachers-full if you took a family-picture (social-distancing included). Even, in addition to their aforementioned lineup, they have a roster so impressive it has your jaw floored. Bopper, Scafetta, Highdruh, Rage-Bot, and MANY more.

Neon Drip started the maniacally orchestrated tunes off with several heaters. She eloquently varied her originality in so many grunty drops and a swift dubstep tracklist worth highlighting. Utilizing her space well, she maneuvred her opening spot with grace and more build ups and drops than a mountainous Utah cliffside. We assuredly were hooked in on this performance. Keep your eye out for this up and comer.



Dukez, blasted right off. Intro had us on our feet. With a certitude of his choice in tunes, he laid right into the second spot with heavy hitting tracks. Giving off enough to set the room ablaze. Throwing down some serious heat right off the bat and carrying the energy all the way through, we had to stop for drinks in between breathers. Man, this guy is a serious force to be reckoned with. Watch out! Put up your dukes, we’re stoked that we saw this one!



Firestarterz, did just that. Started a fire and walked away to watch it burn. This performance was so filthy I had bass face muscle dystrophy going hard. Absolutely annihilated it! Originals after originals. Definitely someone I’m glad to have seen. With the heavy artillery being dropped consecutively all the way until the end, this set was a jaw-dropper. Can we say we are arsonists now?


FireStarterz · Start A Fire (ft Atarii)

Lucid Dreamz left us all in awe. With the daze and confusion left in my mind after witnessing such a performance was assuredly worth DVR’ing. I knew after the intro the neck-breaking was imminent and in maximum effort. Move some furniture, turn up the volume, take a drink. Need we say more. We know were not dreaming throughout this set!


LucidDreamzOfficial · PULL THE TRIGGER – Scafetta (LucidDreamz Remix)

Dub Vader, our usual suspect for taking a set and leaving a complete destruction-site in his wake. This man knows his tunes, drops, and crowd control. I’m not if we even need an introduction for this titan of bass. Even if your not “in-the-know” let’s get familiar. The dude is from space. It’s no wonder he’s headlining this stream. His pure destruction in the stream can be found here (click here)


Recall Records · Raidn & Dub Vader – Planetoid


Twitch.tv/DeathstarCult for more live streams. 

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