Jonomatic. Drums, Wubz, And Dubz!

Jonathan Ely, or as we know him, Jonomatic is a freestyle drummer from Ohio who is the real deal. By fusing his passions of drumming and DJ/producing he is seriously one to watch. His percussion skills are mental, his production skills are insane. You literally just may say “What the f**k”. So undeniably, the emphasis of the word cuss in percussion is not to be taken lightly. Please welcome Jonomatic to the storm!


Question 1: For the unknowing readers and soon-to-be-fans can you break down the origin story behind your musical alias?

Answer 1: So it all began when I was younger as a kid playing WWE with my friends on the trampoline. We all were given cool nicknames and someone gave me the name Jonomatic. Ever since then, I kept the name.


Question 2: Where is initially saw you was a video on Facebook. In this video, I saw you utterly mutilate a drum to a Virtual Riot track. I was picking my jaw up off the floor before it was even over. Where does this masterful skill to drum like that come from?

Answer 2: I have drumming since the age of 3 years old, there had always been a bunch of drumming stories my parents would tell me about when I was younger. As I got older I started to fall in love with drumming more and more as the years went by.

JONOMATIC · Babybash – Cyclone Feat. T – Pain (Jonomatic Flip)

Question 3: How were you introduced into the EDM world?

Answer 3: Before I became a DJ and music producer, I was a dancer and competed in dance battles and making tons of dance videos. From there I ended up discovering EDM and the rest was history.



Question 4: Did you always know your drum skills were going to fuse into your passion for dance music?

Answer 4: I honestly did not until I figured out what I wanted to do with my brand later on.


Question 4: What can you tell us about your track reviews on Facebook as well. What made you want to do such an altruistic favor?

Answer 5: What made me want to do this was I saw a bunch of my favorite artists doing demo reviews and everything on their social media platforms and I decided just to pick up and give it a shot. Ever since then, I’ve learned that it is one of the best ways to not just find really dope music, but to also discover a bunch of new talent that no one has ever heard of.

Question 6: What do you feel Ohio does better than any other state, in regards to music?

Answer 6: I honestly want to say keep shows alive locally, especially in times like this we are living in right now. I haven’t seen a lot of other states do this.


Question 7: With remixes and flips in your arsenal for artists like 12th Planet, MVRDA, GRiZ, and Subtronics, and even T-Pain; what do you find the most fun, and least fun about remixes.
On the contrary, what about original tracks, what are your favorite and least favorite parts about the organic approach.

Answer 7:  What I find most fun about making remixes and originals is just becoming unique and creative while writing everything out. The worse part I hate is just the time it takes to come up with the ideas haha!

JONOMATIC · 12th Planet – RVD Ft. Mikey Ceaser (Jonomatic Remix)

Question 8: Who are in your sights as far as collaborative works go?

Answer 8: I have a few collaborations with one of my good friends, his name is BBX.
I have one with a super understated artist name Aaron Kruk.
I have about 2 collabs with my homie TMBRWLF (we are working on a 3rd one)
And I have a mega collab with 5 other people (Acyen, BBX, Brkndrmr, Jack The Muss, and TMBRWLF). 


Question 9: What has been your highlight moment in your music career as of yet?

Answer 9: There’s a couple of highlight moments in my career. First one is when:
1) I got the opportunity to open up as direct support for Zomboy Rott N Roll Tour in 2017.
2) I got to share the stage and be on support for one of my biggest Idols (12th Planet)
3) My drum video I did to an unreleased Virtual Riot tune.
View Jonomatic’s Instagram Drum Videos HERE

Question 10: Who do you think deserves more credit in their musical journeys as up and coming artists? Give them a healthy shoutout!

Answer 10: I would like to give a shout out to the following homies.  These guys have been on my radar for the longest as up and coming artists I’m super proud of how far they have come already!

  • BBX
  • Raiden Labs
  • Sloth
  • Jack The Muss
  • Perses
  • Brkndrmr
  • Acyen 




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