HALF-HACK3D. Fully Immersed in Music

Andrew Parker, or more known as HALF HACK3D, is a multilateral musician whose focus exceeds just the electronic world. With fusing his rocked out style with his passion for dance music, he comes out as a product of both of his beloved worlds. A collision of two worlds? Well, good thing he has a knack for the halves. Please welcome, HALF HACK3D!

Question 1: Can you give us a glimpse of where the inspiration for your alias comes from?

Answer 1: My alias came from a combination of my nickname/previous alias (Halfrican), and a hacker that took over control of my social media accounts. Instead of trying to compete with my old pages I embraced the situation and re-branded as HALF HACK3D

HALF HACK3D · Decade of Dance Mix 2009-2019

Question 2: Can you give us a deep-dive into your involvement in Blue Diamond Entertainment?

Answer 2: I am the CEO and Booking Manager of Blue Emerald Entertainment. We started as a small entertainment company in the Midwest and recently expanded to the East Coast. Blue Emerald Entertainment is run and operated by industry individuals who excel and have a burning passion for shows, arts, and entertainment. We present talents and shows of all calibers, big and small, from EDM to Rock and Roll!


Question 3: You’ve opened for Afroman! That is major. What kind of feelings can you describe when you found out, and when it happened?

Answer 3: My feelings were all over the place when I found out I was opening for Afroman. Afroman is one of my favorite rappers and I never missed a show when he came into town. There were some opening slots available before his act so I asked my good friend Nick Huffman, one of the owners of The Looney Bin if I could perform and he said I’d be perfect for the bill. I only had a couple days to prepare a set so I was really nervous. But I ended up working out an amazing set that got the crowd going and I even impressed Afroman himself.

Question 4: What has been your hardest/biggest challenge in music?

Answer 4: My hardest and biggest challenge in music is honestly myself. I have such a perfectionist mindset sometimes that I often damper and discourage myself even when I am growing and thriving. Its a blessing and a curse but I couldn’t think of a better critic or adviser then myself!

HALF HACK3D · Ghost Levels

Question 5: What tips can you give to someone who wants to be in your shoes?

Answer 5: Some advice I’d give someone trying to be in my shoes is to be humble and hungry in your endeavors. Don’t be afraid to take some calculated risks and be supportive of your community and peers. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it’s also very rewarding as well, and you will learn so much.


Question 6: Who are you trying to collab with next?

Answer 6: There are so many people I’d love to collaborate with. I currently have projects all over the spectrum style-wise, but I am in need of some hardcore style collaborations. Celldweller would be amazing to collab with. We could rock out with our red hair together!

Question 7: How many days a week do you spend on music? Or is it a 24/7 operation for you?

Answer 7: It’s just about 24/7 I’m working on music or thinking about it. You can always catch me with a notepad and pen just about everywhere I go. My phone is filled with out-of-context noises and videos of me driving around singing verses that pop into my head.  You never know when creativity will strike so I always come or go prepared.


Question 8: Walk us through your creative process when you think up a track!

Answer 8: On most days whenever I start a track I’ll look through my notepad of ideas and start from there. Usually, I will work up a melody and chorus first and when I’m happy with that I’ll build the rest of the song around that. I’ve found that once that is established, most of the rest kinda falls into place.

HALF HACK3D · House Hop

Question 9: If you could design and organize a festival of any size. Who would you have with you and where?

Answer 9: I would orchestrate a massive 3-day camping Electronic and Rock Fest! Probably would have it someplace warm in Europe during the summertime. Rammstein, Sullivan King, Zardonic, Slipknot, Infected Mushroom, and Korn. I think there needs to be more of these kinds of shows around.

HALF HACK3D · Death By Dubstep Halloween Mix

Question 10: Who can you give a shoutout to, who you think deserves more light?

Answer 10: I’d like to give a shout out to my good friend and mentor DJ Jason Neuman. He is such a wholesome and talented guy and taught me a lot of what I know today in the DJ world and community. Thank you so much, man, and I can’t wait to spin with you again! 

Andrew, thank you so much for your time, energy, and effort with this project! Congrats to all you have accomplished thus far. We wish you the best of success in your ventures in music! Keep rocking it!


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