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From the southern side of Utah, Zach Fryer who goes by DJ Smooth joins us for his Q&A

Question 1: You are just beginning your musical career, which excites us. What are your dreams and aspirations for yourself?

Answer 1: I really want to be able to play big shows at like EDC or Rampage but, also play club shows with an insane vibe like Bootshaus. I just to make people have an awesome night by spreading music.

Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas photo below. Artist in photo: REZZ



Question 2: Who are your biggest inspirations in the EDM scene and industry?

Answer 2: Martin Garrix started my aspirations but, now I have started to switch to bass -house and dubstep, Jauz, Eptic, and Dion Timmer are some of my biggest inspirations to watch.

Question 3: We absolutely love the mixes you have provided, what goes into the creative mindset and process for making them?

Answer 3: I listen for flow and key. If the key is out of wack it sounds like crap but, if you follow the musical scale then you have a better set with better transitions. Also if you don’t have a flow, it sounds awful. So, I use music scales and flow to help me create my sets.

DJ Smooth’s Banger Zone Vol. 1 (below)

Question 4: If you could headline any festival, which one would it be and who is also on that stage’s lineup?

Answer 4: Rampage for sure. I would love to have Virtual Riot, Dubloadz, Excision, Jauz, Skrillex and Barely Alive on that same stage.

Question 5: If you weren’t making music and starting a career in this industry, what do you feel like you would be doing?

Answer 5: I would be the roadie to an artist honestly starting because I would love to able to go all the shows. Make sure the artist is set and even learn from that particular artist so I could pick up on tricks they have to learn. So eventually, I could be the DJ I could be.


Question 6: What is like in the day of the life of DJ Smooth? Waking up, middle and end of your day?

Answer 6: I wake up and shower and get ready for work. I go to work grocery deliveries at a grocery store. Then I come home to listen to music and hang out with my wife if she is home. If not I’m prepping another DJ set and finding more music to add. I also do some homework as I am going to school. I make dinner and watch TV. Then pretty much figure out what to do with the rest of the day and go to bed. 


Question 7: Utah is filled with shows, events, festivals and more. What are you most interested in?

Answer 7: Some of the things that interest me the most are playing Sky Nightclub, The Complex, and Das Energi those are some of the things that most interest me. Also, I would love to throw events at universities and get the universities going. They have some of the best crowds ever!


Question 8: It’s 2020 now, where do you see yourself in 2025?

Answer 8: I don’t honestly know, I hope to be successful at what I do. I hope we bought a new house and have a nicer car that’s really what I hope for by 2025.

Question 9: What is your favorite pre-mix meal? Or are you an advocate of not eating before a big project?

Answer 9: Honestly, I don’t really have a pre-mix meal, I just mix when I feel like it and feel like I got some good stuff flowing especially when I have found a lot of new music.

Question 10: What new and exciting things can we expect from you in the upcoming weeks/months?

Answer 10: New mixes! Hopefully, I can find a show or two to perform because I am really craving performing again!

Thanks so much, Zach! We have had so much fun talking with you over the weeks and are genuinely excited about your future and career in music. We will be talking again soon!

DJ Smooth’s Banger Zone Vol. 2 (below)

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Written by: Garth Jones 



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