When you are a music producer under a nationwide lockdown/quarantine, you have to adapt, evolve, and accommodate to the masses. Right? Correct?

Brochella 2020 is a reality. Virtually, speaking that is.

Precisely what music producers are doing across the world, adjusting to the new norm. They are adapting to the everchanging new guidelines and safety precautions that our health professionals are mandating. These new precautionary and mitigating lifestyle changes have given rise to the phenomena of virtual raving (for a lack of a better word).
In particular, a group of likeminded musicians is preparing and aggregating a live stream music-festival party so cleverly named: Brochella 2020. Taking place this Saturday and Sunday, March 28th and 29th on Twitch.tv!
A two-day spanning, virtual event with some of bass music’s most illustrious acts like Casey Jones, BD HBT, Sytrux, LATU, Arbetter, Akame, Acrillics, Something, Khaos, Eternal, Claymore, Cortr, Maana, Slang Dogs, Slick, Kyuda, Ramon Pang, and The Letter I.

From tune in, to tune out. It’s stacked with heat.

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With an arsenal of talented artists all on the same virtual bill, you can expect nothing short of a bass-music feeding frenzy. This event will be streamed on Twitch 

This live-streamed event is at no cost to you, aside from the popcorn and pop-tarts you decide to munch on from the safety of your own living room (or where ever you decide). That’s right, FREE.

Kick back, tune in, and relax (or rage) to the sounds of these talented artists who are coming together under one common relation. BASS!
Cheers to #Brochella2020 and a huge thank you to all the folks involved and associated with this momentous and highly anticipated event.

Written by: Garth Jones

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