Arriel’s Hard Dance Single “Lonely Hearts” Get The Masses Moving via Underground Bass United [Track Write-Up]

‘s Up-and-Coming Electronic Music Artist – Arriel Releases His NEW Hard Dance/Big Room Single – “Lonely Hearts” on the Underground Bass United Record Label, Shaking The Ground In The Process.

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Los Angeles-based EDM producer and DJ, Arriel, being a Monsoon Season favorite here in our thunderous blogging atmospheres, returns with another addictive hard dance banger being pulled from his cuffed sleeves.

After several spring and summer hits, we’ve had his tunes on repeat, and again adding to his evergrowing discography of dance floor dominators.

Fresh off the heels of his latest hard dance installation titled “Mad City” via our end-of-summer ten-track SUPERCELL compilation album, plus his groundbreaking multi-genre debut five-track EP “Genius And Magic, as well as his experimental bass collab with Wynde Up titled “Alone” featuring the stunning vocalist Dani King. Arriel never ceases to amaze us.

pictured: Left – Wynde Up | Right – Arriel

In addition to his fiery lineup of featured releases, Arriel has caught the attention of nightclub crowds, event dancefloors, and online magazines Shout Out LA and Where The Music Meets. A very busy year, to say the least (luckily, we’ll say more).

From hybrid trap, and experimental bass, to hard dance, Arriel continues to keep his subgenre bandwidth wide open, his listeners’ jaws floored with each release, and our excitement levels sky-high.

With six years of music-producing experience under his belt, the skill and prowess in his music’s detailed intricacy are becoming more refined and reaching larger markets/audiences.

His summer has been stacked with truly remarkable releases, and now, Arriel solidifies his place once more as a powerhouse producer with his new “Lonely Hearts” single released on Underground Bass United.

Get ready for energy, emotion, and electricity to flow through your body from start to finish in “Lonely Hearts” 3:31 riveting run-time.

pictured: Arriel

Lonely Hearts” starts off with an enchanting intro that effortlessly develops over the first minute, crescendoing with looping vocal bits, and a stadium-sized build-up sure to get you on your feet. Before the initial drop explodes, the shift in tempo, drum patterns, and soundscapes all come together in textbook fashion.

Arriel does an exceptional job at inviting listeners in and grabbing their attention with a stronghold, readying the masses for what’s to come. After the first drop, “Lonely Hearts” maintains momentum with each passing second (and if you’re not on your feet by now, restart the track, and try again).

By the two-minute marker, we see the bigger picture of his release, and each element complements the next, ultimately creating a contemporary storytelling piece for fans and listeners. You can easily get lost in this single, rewinding to those high-energy and head-scratching moments of “WTF did I just hear?”

At the three-minute time stamp, the energy of “Lonely Hearts” is in full force and amped up, hitting the redline. From the vocally rich and lyrically enchanting rhapsody to the revved-up and upbeat nature of the tune, we are infatuated and ready for more Arriel and stat!

pictured: Arriel


Arriel mentions:
“I wanted to make something melodic but with some grit and I think I achieved that.”

“After putting out my EP. with Monsoon Season, I realized how much fun it is to go against the mold and try new things. For this track, I took elements of garage, big room, and hard house to create something different, melodic, and energetic. I have been told it has elements of dubstep in it but I just consider it to be a hard big room vibe. I really hope this is one that people can actually dance to. In my opinion, this is my favorite song yet and I’m hoping it might resonate with others as well!”


While not everyone enjoys the hyperspeed audio experience that hardstyle (or hard dance) offers, we feel that the merger between dubstep (or bass music) and hard dance is becoming more and more common.

This resurging subgenre in electronic music, hard dance/hardstyle, has been apparent lately with plenty of headlining bass music acts such as Kayzo, Must Die!, and Lil Texas utilizing and showcasing harder/faster BPMs in their chart-topping productions and collaborative efforts.

To some, hard dance music is an acquired taste, and to others, it’s a beloved lifestyle, but what everyone can agree on is – Arriel does it right with “Lonely Hearts“, out now exclusively on Underground Bass United.

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