ALRT Drops 15-Piece Bass/Tech House “MULTIPLICITY” Album via His Label, NRG Records [Album Write-Up]

NEW MUSIC: Multi-Genred House Music Producer ALRT Releases Sophomore Album Titled “MULTIPLICITY” Studded w/ Bass House, Tech House, UK Garage Bangers Ready For The Masses’ Consumption

▼ We Explore ALRT’sMULTIPLICITY” Album w/ 15 All-New Tracks via NRG Records | [42:29] Run-Time

EDM Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

We are thrilled to report that rising bass/tech house artist ALRT returns to our stormy skies holding his second full-length album, ever-so-perfectly titled “MULTIPLICITY” – released on his burgeoning label, NRG Records.

The Israeli-born and Los Angeles-based worldwide electronic dance music phenom aggregated fifteen all-new, wildly energetic, and meticulously forward-thinking tracks to make up his sophomore album. “MULTIPLICITY” consists of only solo productions – with no collaborations, features, or vocalists. This album is ALRT and only ALRT.

MULTIPLICITY” is a true reflection of his artistry, prowess, and capabilities as a producer in today’s saturated and at times, repetitious music market. From upbeat tracks to more meaningful and family-forward, this album has a mixture of ups and downs.

pictured: ALRT

In its 42:29 duration, through all fifteen productions, ALRT showcases a seamless blend of captivating bass house, tech house, and elements of musically cinematic notes throughout his body of work.

The album begins with the introductory track “MULTIPLICITY – The Intro“, garnering those cinematically suspenseful notes to add gravitas to the listening experience instantly, readying fans for what is to come in the remaining fourteen tracks.

ALRT wastes no time after the first track with the upbeat installation of “Familia” – an earth-shattering bass house banger swarming with salacious soundscapes and vibrant energy. Then, we tread to the following fierce tracks “New Hype” and tech house track “City” which both exude massive vigor, keeping the electric atmosphere going.

pic: ALRT

Run It Up” stands out as a mesmerizing and personalized piece to the album as it utilizes instruments and elements found in his Middle Eastern heritage and background. The utilization of brass horns, playful soundscapes, and slurred notes all collectively play a part in refining the sound and bringing it to life for our listening pleasures.

Then, ALRT switches it up again with “One Time” as he picks up the energy and gives us that textbook tech house vibe, brimming with surprises and unexpected turns to turn up to in the club or at home.

Make You Move“, being eighth on the track list and at the halfway mark, surely doesn’t let up on the vigor and hair-raising energy. From start to finish, your heartbeat and blood flow ramp up their movement with the beat, and we feel every bit of it. Ok, you can breathe now!

Next up, “Through The Fire” bolsters an intricate dose of UK Garage house music to shake things up. The contrast between the contemporary feel of the album along with the nostalgic vibe is a total knockout! Not only is it relatable to more veteran listeners (like me) of house music, but it blends the two seamlessly – creating room for more revitalized revisions of genres. Well done, ALRT!

Never” is another UK Garage slapper that proves to be a powerhouse addition to the album. While the emotional landscape is apparent and clear once the beat hits, you feel the inspiration in the track simply due to the elements and collective feel of the sounds at play. You are transported into the UK Garage scene for a moment to see and feel what ALRT has felt in his journey as a musician.

Too Hot” picks up the pace with its salacious and tantalizing bass house sound. A total pick-me-up from what we have heard prior but assuredly a must-need track to amp up the energy and keep us jolted and rage-ready!

“Air Drums” is a breath of fresh air in all of the energy and excitement inside the album. This track is definitely not one to overlook or miss!

Mother” is an ode to his wife and child, utilizing their vocal samples throughout the track, creating an emotional yet indicative testament to his new role as a father and husband while being an internationally touring musician. (I’m not crying, you are!)

pic: ALRT | debut Asia Tour

High Status” comes as a minimalistic approach to musical development, fortifying the saying/expression that ‘less is more’ because this installation is simple yet complex, and we love that.

The finale to the album is “1985“, nestling at the fifteenth installment of the multi-textured and defining album. ALRT’s upbringing in the music scene was in the trance era, and those days were all about intoxicating lullabies that serenade listeners into a state of ecstasy. The track acts as an ending caveat to get you out of the whirlwind of stunning and electrifying tunes he has put on display.

What a true spectacle in sound and artistry.


pic: ALRT

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