OVE Drops Massive Bass Tune “Daddy” via Wreck Room Records [Track Write-Up]

NEW MUSIC: Las Vegas-based Rising Bass Music Artist OVE Just Dropped “Daddy” – Curator Coverage Breaks Down The Release For You!

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pictured: Ove | c/o Ove FB

In this edition of Curator Coverage, we bring you someone new to the roster. Today we bring you Las Vegas’ very own “Ove”, a rising heavy bass music producer who has had quite the rise-up very quickly in recent years!

Sharing the stage with massive artists such as ATLiens, Peekaboo, Rettchit, and many more, his vast variety of influences has landed him on a widespread number of stages.  Just coming off of massive shows such as Beyond Wonderland, Ove has wasted no time bringing us absolute heaters such as “Smaug” and others, but in this article, we will dive into his most recent release – “Daddy”  which just dropped on all platforms!

pictured: Ove | c/o Ove FB


“Daddy” begins with dark and ominous undertones, perfectly setting up a theme and tone for the track going forward. As we progress into the deep unknown, we are introduced to some vocal samples having a back-and-forth conversation and are introduced to the build.

As we are transferred into the build, the tension rises until the most important question in all of mankind gets asked by a pre-drop sample, simply stating “Can I Call You Daddy”. The drop smashes through your speakers with the dirtiest bass I’ve heard in a long time! The note slowly climbs down in pitch as the impact of the drum beat carries through, creating a danceable rhythm for the audience to get down with.

Accompanied by hectic synth fills vocal call-outs, and a dash of deep wubs, the first half of this drop truly encapsulates an atmosphere that I feel would work stellar inside of a live venue and in front of an audience. The 2nd half of the drop is even more chaotic with more rapid-paced patterns and screaming yaw basses, and then abruptly, all the tension is turned back into suspension when the drop ends and begins the second build. 

pictured: Ove | c/o Ove FB

By the time the next drop hits, you are eagerly awaiting the nasty bass and chilling patterns we were introduced to in the first drop, but this time there are some slight variations to the patterns and directions some of the basses move and flow.

If you ask me, Ove has properly earned the right to be referred to as Daddy after being blasted by the dirtiness this track has held within. The long bass that kicks off the drops is beyond clever and hits the ears just right, and the vocal shouts are used perfectly to help keep momentum and energy throughout the entirety of the track.

Go check out Ove at all of the links below and watch this man continue his rise to fame as he continuously blesses us with absolute quality work and motivation. 

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