Drumanite Follows Up Latest Single “Jungle Rumble” w/ 45 Min Guest Mix + Interview [Monsoon Season Exclusive]

♬Guest Mix: Ohio’s Drumanite Supplies Us w/ A Fiery 45-Minute Guest Mix Packed w/ Dubstep, Riddim, + Stops To Chat About His Mix, New Music Identity, His New Single “Jungle Rumble“, + M O R E

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Let’s Chat w/ Drumanite

Q1: Can you expand on the creative selection & process that went into making this mix?

Drumanite: This mix was just honestly focusing on the heavier side of the Drumanite brand and I really wanted to showcase some music from close friends and homies of mine!

pictured: Drumanite | pic by: willdub

Q2: How has your music evolved over the rebranding process? What’s different now?

Drumanite: The whole purpose of this rebrand was to really focus more on not just going back to my roots, but also focusing on other genres besides a majority of dubstep. I’m happy with how my music has evolved over time to where I have been able to start to create different types of genres but add my Global/Tribal percussive style creating a unique kind of hybrid genre.  

pictured: Drumanite | pic by: willdub

Q3: Do you have any advice for folks who may be rebranding and aren’t sure how to direct their vision into a working reality like yours?

Drumanite: My advice for rebranding is just really take your time and make a list of your passions you love to do outside of DJing or producing and from there you can really start to come up with different names that will fit with your passion! For example, I’m a drummer, so what I did was write down lots of names that are involving Global Drums and percussion and eventually, I came up with the name Drumanite.  

pictured: Drumanite | pic by: willdub

Q4: Who do you aim to work with or learn from this year? 

Drumanite: I’m honestly hoping to aim to work with a couple of people that are actually offering mentoring sessions and I’ll be taking their classes here hopefully soon! 

Q5: What is a highlight track or part of this mix you’re especially proud of? 

Drumanite: Definitely the very first tune in this mix. It’s an unreleased original I just finished up about a few weeks ago. It was heavily inspired by 2 of my favorite films as a kid: Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey & Stomp Out Loud 

Q6: Your new single Jungle Rumble on our label is in the mix, how does it feel knowing this track is out now and being consumed by the masses? 

Drumanite: It feels really good honestly. I’m happy that I was able to actually pull this off giving it that heavy tribal vibe. Originally this was supposed to be an unreleased track through the Jonomatic project and I was just going to get rid of it but then after I rebranded, I had some huge motivation to be able to make some changes and turn this into a Drumanite tune. 

Drumanite: Guest Mix
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