The Dowdy Brothers Treat The Masses To A Tasty DNB Tune w/ “Flavours” [Track Write-Up]

Nevada‘s Electronic Duo The Dowdy Brothers Return w/ “Flavours“, The NEW Drum N’ Bass Self-Released Single Has Listeners Licking Lips & Moving To The Beat

EDM Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

Fresh off the heels of their latest release “Bottles And Jacuzzis” & “Lovin“, Reno, Nevada‘s electronic brotherly duo known as The Dowdy Brothers are treating their fans and listeners to a roundtrip vacation to flavor town with their newest drum and bass release ever-so-perfectly titled “Flavours“.

While these two are no strangers to hand-delivering their fans the music they didn’t know they wanted, they now are settling the sweet tooth once more with their new drum and bass single “Flavours” – and we are licking our lips to the beat.

Jam-packed with soundscapes that will make you salivate, basslines that will make your belly growl and mind-altering elements that will leave you hungry for more; “Flavours” is the one-stop-shop for danceable grooves and cool-sided sound usages to keep you moving in the summer sun.

Flavours” starts with a minimalistic bassline, syncopated drum patterns, and wonky wobbles that sustain throughout the track. At first listen, “Flavours” catches listeners’ attention with its instantaneous beat work. From the get-go, this track keeps the energy alive and at center focus.

We know we’ll be vibing and devouring this release for some time. Not only “Flavours“, but The Dowdy Brothers’ last track titled “Bottles And Jacuzzis“, their new deep house rump shaker titled “Lovin“, and crowd favorite “Shaolin Shindig“.


Flavours | OUT NOW

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