In The Storm: Dahlbeats Stops To Chat About ‘Thicc Boi Winter’, Bass Ribbon Pines, + More [Artist Interview]

Minnesota‘s Rising Redneck DJ Known As Dahlbeats Steps Into The Storm To Talk About His New Single “Thicc Boi Winter” on THE GOBLINS LAIR, Upcoming Events, + What’s Up His Sleeve For 2023

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Tony Dahlberg, a Minnesota-based electronic bass music producer is best known under his music moniker Dahlbeats and we are thrilled to have this rising gem in our thunderous atmospheres to talk with us.

After several knockout performances across the country, a multitude of mind-altering music releases, and joining the illustrious Built Different Music Group roster, we knew it was time to stop him in his tracks and chat about what he’s been up to, his new song out now on THE GOBLINS LAIR, and what we can expect going forward further into 2023.

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Let’s Chat w/

Q1: Welcome to our storm, Dahlbeats! For anyone who doesn’t know – can you briefly tell us about yourself and the music you make?

Dahlbeats: “My name is Tony Dahlberg and I go by Dahlbeats. I am from the Midwest just south of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Although, my DJ / Producer career started in college out in Illinois. I was lucky enough to have my first set at Bass Station back in 2019, and I haven’t stopped since. Besides music, I spend most of my time outside fishing, hunting, or golfing. That is where the Redneck side of me comes into play. I garnered the name Redneck DJ by leaving a few festivals over the years to go duck hunting, just to come back and play my set later on that day.”

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Q2: Your new release Thicc Boi Winter on SOLSTICE Vol. 2 via THE GOBLINS LAIR is out now! Can you break down the track for us? What went into this release as far as creative direction and motivation? 

Dahlbeats: “Thicc Boi Winter was a song that I had made about 9 months ago when the weather started to turn and I’ve been placing it in just about every one of my sets. This track is a bit off the path of my usual releases In a heavy way, but with some trap influences as well.” 

Q3: What makes this release different from tracks before? What will surprise fans when they hit the stream button? 

Dahlbeats: “This track is a lot different than my usual releases. It captures the crazy side of me rather than the softer melodic intro into a heavy drop. From start to finish, there are a ton of different variables that I’m stoked to have you guys hear from me.”

Q4: You have a busy summer ahead of you with events, festivals, and performances across the country. What sort of feelings are you having knowing you’re going to be touring?

Dahlbeats: “It’s very exciting, getting to travel to all of these new areas and experience how the scenes differentiate from state to state is awesome. Meeting people for the first time that I’ve talked to for years now I don’t think will ever get old! I am ready to take it all in as a huge learning experience on how to navigate through the scene throughout the states and hopefully beyond.”

Q5: Let our readers and your fans know what you have going on in your life! What do you have cooking for the remainder of 2023?

Dahlbeats: “The rest of 2023 for me is looking great! I have some amazing festivals coming up here in July. Seeing what Bass Ribbon Pines was like last year, to playing it this year, has me ready to curate one of my best sets to date. I also have a bunch of new music in the works and I’m looking to push out 1-3 songs a month for the rest of the year. Some are collabs with people that I never thought would come to reality and some with the best up-and-comers around the Midwest. “

You can catch Dahlbeats at Bass Ribbon Pines Music Festival in East Bethel, MN on July 20th – 23rd.


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