Spritzur Throws Down Heat w/ His Debut EP “Shaken & Stirred” via Hybrid Trap [EP Write-Up + Artist Interview]

Canada‘s Bass Music Mixologist Spritzur Delivers His Debut EP – “Shaken & Stirred” w/ 3 NEW Tracks via Hybrid Trap Including Collab w/ AZ‘s Trap Artist JAÎRU Leaving Us All Thirsty For More

Storm Report By: Garth Jones

Symposium | Wasted with JAÎRU | Last Call


The first track to the Shaken & Stirred EP is Symposium and sets the pace wholesomely for the rest of the extended play. This solo production starts off with an intoxicating intro of climbing soundscapes gearing up for one helluva drop. This 120 BPM beat that’s laced with freeform bits and experimental basslines will send fans and listeners into an all out feral frenzy throughout the track.

There is plenty to like about Symposium from Spritzur. A wild and addictively fun ride into the future of what today’s freshman class bass music producers are creating. Headbangers and fans of wonky bass can all rejoice!

Spritzur shares this about “Symposium:

“Honestly for the EP I stepped outside my comfort sound with both creating a track at 120bpm (Symposium) and experimenting with new ways to manipulate and create sound. I’ve been practicing the principle where less is more to create cleaner but still full sounding tracks.”

pictured above: Spritzur

Wasted w/ JAÎRU

Secondly on the EP is Wasted with JAÎRU, an explosive and inebriating experience for listeners. Brimming with powerful drops, suspenseful builds, and cohesive trap elements that all lead to over the top results. There is so much to love about this collaborative effort from these two. Crowds, attendees, and mosh pit movers are all going to have a rowdy time with Wasted” at festivals and in the pits. Elbows up!

Spritzur says this about working with JAÎRU on “Wasted”:

“For the JAÎRU song it all started with a Serum patch that you hear in the drop and I instantly imagined JAÎRU on the track. I hit him up and we got the track done in a couple sessions, was a pleasure to work with him and a full circle moment as he is definitely a producer I looked up to while I was still learning.” – Spritzur

pictured above: JAÎRU

Last Call

Finalizing the EP from Spritzur is solo production titledLast Call“. A true send off with its waning introduction of woodwind instruments that lead into an absolute riot of a track. From start to finish, Last Call leaves a lasting impression on listeners with its intense basslines, impressive drum patterns and contrast in tempo. Each drop is better than the last. A true treat to bassheads everywhere.

pictured above: Spritzur

What’s next for Spritzur?

“Next for the year I have signed tracks to a couple goal labels for the year and I’m trying my best to stay true to my commitment to releasing at least 1 track per month.” says Spritzur

He adds – “My team has officially launched “Artist Ctrl” and we already have partnered with a tequila company as well as landed several syncs. We just had our first show in Atlanta which I had the pleasure of opening for Lit Lords. This will be the first of many, super excited to be managed under this team and I am forever grateful for the opportunities it brings”

Shaken & Stirred EP is OUT NOW

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