Reno’s Rising Duo – The Dowdy Brothers Stop To Chat About Upcoming Music, Events On The Horizon, Possible EP or Album & More [Artist Interview]

Reno, NV‘s Hidden Gems – The Dowdy Brothers Take A Break From The Studio To Chat About Upcoming Music + Events, A Possible EP or Album This Year & So Much More In Our Exclusive Interview

Storm Report By: Garth Jones

Dialect HD and Doc Aun are siblings who make up The Dowdy Brothers. They are a rising electronic production duo based out of Reno, Nevada who has steadily been making a name for themselves with a multitude of releases and dominant stage performances.

They merge electronic dance music with elements of hip-hop, trap, and rap music, and stick to their roots of growing up in Detroit’s thriving house music and drum n’ bass scenes. They fuse what they know and love into what they feel is the next new sound. The results are always flooring and keep listeners drawn in, coming back for more.

With releases like “Shaolin Shindig”, “Temple Dance”, and “Gently Rough”, all garnering thousands of streams online, it’s only time before these two skyrocket into the atmospheres above.

Let’s Chat w/
The Dowdy Brothers

Q1: Tell us About your start in music. Where did it all begin for The Dowdy Brothers?

The Dowdy Brothers: As a whole, music started for us around 1993. HD blazed the path by pursuing a hip-hop career and eventually joining the legendary hip-hop band Digital Underground as a DJ and producer. Little brother Doc was always right there soaking it all in.
Getting to play all over the country from raves to festivals allowed us to take all types of music. Hence all of the fusion in our music.
The Dowdy Brothers‘ birth is out of the Element Music & Black Rock City Allstars family who are under the Digital Underground umbrella.

Q2: You have new music coming up and we are all excited! Tell us about your new releases and what fans can expect.

The Dowdy Brothers: We have about 30 new singles for release for 2023 so far that will release one per week and more are being worked on that will get us thru the rest of the year.
These tracks will start to release in the next couple of weeks. The fans can expect some new genres this time around. We got some drum n’ bass, bass house, and more. As well as the trap, trip-hop, house, and dubstep they know us for. The fans can always expect big bass music from us.

Q3: What may surprise fans about these new songs that may be different from the ones before?

The Dowdy Brothers: The new material will begin to round everything out more. I think they will begin to see the method to the madness and see it more zoomed-out perspective, and it will seem a little less all over the place.

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Q4: Where can you expect to see The Dowdy Brothers perform next?

The Dowdy Brothers: We just did a rave in the desert outside of Vegas on 4/8 and have submitted to a lot of festivals as well that are coming up so we will see if we land those.
As of right now we’re focused on building relationships with different promoters and promotions as well as collectives around the country.
So if you’re a promoter reading this get at us we are ready to tear a stage down at any moment!

Q5: What’s next for you both going into the summer months?

The Dowdy Brothers: That’s a good question. As always we will be in the lab cooking up music possibly working on a Dowdy Brothers EP or album. Collabing with artist Fa Sho and Burning Man. We have got a lot planned for Burning Man this year.
A couple of music videos. We also have an artist that we are exclusively working with that does Latino rap who is very dope by the name of El Tio who we will be producing for so be on the lookout for that, and try to get on any festival we can get on.

Q6: Can we expect to hear new styles or genres from you guys in the near future?

The Dowdy Brothers: Absolutely we are always experimenting with new sounds and trying to bend genres and blend our sounds with things we have never tried before. EDM is a huge spectrum so there is so much to play with when we sit down and create.

1/2 of The Dowdy Brothers

Q7: What can we expect for the rest of 2023?

The Dowdy Brothers: Much more music and a lot more presence!

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