Premiere: Wynde Up Takes Us Back To His Roots w/ EDM x Motown “Grythm” Single [Track Write-Up]

Wynde Up Fuses EDM & Motown w/ Talkbox-Style Self-Released Single “Grythm” Giving Us Nostalgic Vibes

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Southern California‘s rising bass music producer Wynde Up takes us all back to dance music’s talk box days. Yes, those iconic vocal instruments (vocoder) that legendary artists like Daft Punk, Pink Floyd, and even rock stars like Peter Frampton had used in their prolific careers.

Secondly, the use of that Motown-style such as the rhythm-and-blues/pop type sound usage but with a modern flare is apparent yet manipulated to appeal to today’s electronic music markets.

What Wynde Up does in “Grythm” is fuse those nostalgic soundscapes with his contemporary and experimental beat work to bring deep basslines, eerie vocals, and upbeat drum patterns, to make up the 4: 02 duration of the track.

Wynde Up shares with us: ‘I grew up with my family listening to oldies and Motown type stuff with a lot of talkbox vocals and I had always wanted to try and use vocals like that, this is the result’

No stranger to bringing groundbreaking music to the ear’s doorsteps lately. Wynde Up has been at the helm of some seriously genre-bending work with the releases of “Gung Hoe” on Psychocybin Recordings, and “Gnocchi” with Xtrofik via THE GOBLINS LAIR, both of which are freeform features that deserve your attention.

Fun fact – Today (3/24) is Wynde Up‘s Birthday so go wish him the best birthday ever, and go stream his new track “Grythm” TODAY!

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