SLC’s Accenderé Drops Deep House Hit “Funk Symphonic” [Track Write-Up]

Accenderé Gives Us A 6-Minute Journey of Funky, Bassy, Bliss w/ His NEW “Funk Symphonic” Deep House Single

Storm Coverage By: Shane Ramos

Accenderé‘s newest track, Funk Symphonic, is an infectious and vibrant piece of electronic music. The track is a six-minute sonic journey that is brimming with energy and life, taking the listener on a wavy, funk-filled adventure.

photo by: Subsonic Entertainment

The track has a total runtime of 6 minutes 27 seconds. It starts with a groovy bassline that serves as the foundation, setting the tone for the rest of the track. As the song progresses, additional instruments including a punchy drum beat and a melodic synth enter the mix to add layers and texture to the song.

The combination of these elements creates a unique and exciting sound that is both funky and symphonic. The track also features some great waveform samples that provide additional complexity to the song.

It’s not in your face hard, rather listening to this track is like floating down a lazy river. The notes and the gentle beat caress your ears and stimulate the brain. You could just as easily listen to this song going 80mph down the highway, or it could be the background music to your life as you clean, work, or vibe.

Accenderé’s experience is on full display here, creating a soundscape that is both mesmerizing and reflective of his 20 years of experience as a DJ, playing late into the morning at private events in the warehouse district and beyond.

photo by: Subsonic Entertainment

This track is also a celebration of Salt Lake City‘s revival. The scene in our city has been much too quiet for the last few years, but that all changes now. The largest events in our state have returned, and extremely exciting new events with some of the biggest names from the east and west coasts have Utah in their plans for 2023.

It’s hard not to get excited with such a bright future on the horizon. Accenderé and I both will be there, and we hope to see you too!

Funk Symphonic is OUT NOW on Spotify & SoundCloud

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