PNW’s Deformaty Unveils His New 4-Track DNB Dark Matter EP via Badkill Records [EP Write-Up]

Portland, Oregon‘s Rising Drum N’ Bass Music Artist – Deformaty Pushes Out 4 New Tracks via His Dark Matter EP on Badkill Records.

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Dark Matter EP
1. Dark Matter | 2. Hyperdrive
3. Shadow People | 4. Travelers

Todd Daggett, hails from the Pacific Northwest‘s rainy and lush cityscapes of Portland, Oregon as Deformaty. He’s a well-seasoned and highly-skilled drum n’ bass producer who is no stranger to delivering high-octane bangers, as he’s at it again; but with his new Dark Matter EP exclusively on his label, Badkill Records.

Yep, that is correct, he owns and operates Badkill Records, and still cranks out massive tunes for fans and listeners. Impressive, we must say! What’s more impressive is this new EP he’s just released that’s brimming in energy, storytelling capabilities, and sheer ability to take listeners on a journey through sound.

This quartet of tunes on the EP are Dark Matter, Hyperdrive, Shadow People, and Travelers. Each one is a knockout showcase of his production prowess all-the-while giving listeners something high-energy to lose their minds to. Collectively, they are wildly fun, creative, and forward-thinking in the DNB sector.

Let’s dive into each of these revved up DNB tunes and see what them so unique!

Dark Matter

Starting this off is Dark Matter, the flagship titled track wastes no time serving itself up as the beginning storytelling piece to the EP. Immediately a suspense building intro takes center focus with several elements of dystopian verbal samples loom in the background. Without notice, the intense breakbeats and syncopated drum patterns takeover as we see the new pace being set for the rest of the EP with Dark Matter.

pictured: Deformaty


Followed by Dark Matter on the EP is Hyperdrive. A wonky approach to DNB as this addition is laid at a slower pace but transport listeners into deep space with its futuristic and cosmic soundscapes that allow listeners to gravitate themselves under to feel his vision under his creative lens. While Hyperdrive slows down time, the bits and basses are all sped up, emulating a sense of going faster than the speed of sound while matter itself slows down.

Shadow People

Being third of the EP, Shadow People leaves an enthralling feeling behind as it showcases darker soundscapes and hair-raising build-ups. The constant energy and ability to captivate masses, is flawless, not skipping a single beat. This addition to the EP complements that last two as it elevates the body of work as a direct level up. Easily, a stamina-rich and riveting release to dance your ass off to.


As the finale to the EP, Travelers starts of in a mesmerizing fashion with an intoxicating build-up and drawn-out frequencies giving off a sense of urgency and warning. Without notice and in textbook fashion, Deformaty gets right to the point with immense drum patterns and looping vocals to knock it out the park in terms of hypnotizing energy and structure. Each corner and crevasse hides a new gem to keep listeners attached and ready for more.

pictured: Deformaty

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