Mikes Revenge, Justtjokay, & Dariansincebirth Go Super-Saiyan w/ New Trap/Dubstep Hit “GAWDMODE” [Track Write-Up]

Atlanta‘s Trap & Bass Trifecta Goes Into Overdrive via Mikes Revenge, Justtjokay, & Dariansincebirth w/ Their New Trap Collab “GAWDMODE

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Mikes Revenge are no strangers when it comes to bringing the trap infused heat within their tracks, and this latest release is no different, in fact, it may be the best showcase they have presented thus far!

photo: Mikes Revenge

On “GAWDMODE”, Mikes Revenge has joined forces with two unique vocalists in their own right, and they go by Justtjokay and Dariansincebirth. Together, this gang of musicians brings a killer track to be enjoyed by the masses.

left: Justtjokay | right: Dariansincebirth

Verse one sets the tone with a laid back yet in your face vibe, and it quickly intertwines into the first build.

When the first drop rolls in, we are presented with aggressive womp-styled basses, accompanied by this sustain bass that alternates in notes and key, creating a nice progression inside the heavy bass elements, which is something I wish we saw more of in modern bass music.

As the bassline continues, the B section is a bit more hyper with the womp-bass patterns, however, the new sustain bass and pattern brought in at this point is hands down my favorite element of the track. It truly takes you on its own journey. This is honestly the type of track you could hear played out at massive festivals such as lost lands, simply because it supplies the energy and quality.

Once the first drop ends and you have a moment of calm to catch your breath and regain your senses, the 2nd verse decides to roll in. This verse personally gives me more of a party vibe and hype to it, and as it transitions into the 2nd drop, there is this super killer bass that is filtered in and introduced that I also gravitate towards upon multiple listens.

Once the 2nd drop kicks in, its all over for the audience. The hyper bass patterns alongside the aggressive smashing of the kick and snare, is truly the ultimate recipe for what most dubstep fans are seeking out. We want that raw energy and aggressive, in your face basses, and Mikes Revenge completely delivers with this drop and track. 

This group of musicians are the ultimate trifecta of musical talent that have joined forces to create the next big festival banger.

Team writer, Garth adds in:
Mikes Revenge has undeniably shows their skill and prowess in multiple facets of this track. Each pieces compliments the next so well, along with the riveting and fancy footwork of both vocalists Justtjokay and Dariansincebirth, we get an even higher dose of upper echelon talent all in one cohesive package. The sheer hyped-up and jet-fueled trap/dubstep energy is so apparent and felt on all fronts. Mad love to these three insanely talented artists for sending this immense heat our way in the storm”

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