PYRAMIDIC Drops Their 2nd Album – “All Seen And Unseen” Loaded w/ 6-Tracks, Talent, & Art [Album Write-Up]

Colorado-based Bass Duo PYRAMIDIC Unveils Their NEW “All Seen And Unseen” Album Brimming w/ Feels, Vibes, & Enchantment

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

PYRAMIDIC, is a production duo consisting of Nathan Williams and Geoff Sheets who are best known under their music monikers The Monogahela/White Saeculum and Psyruleus. The two joined together in 2019 as PYRAMIDIC and released their debut EP titled “EMBRACE” – a highly captivating, transcendent, and melodic artistic proof of concept development.

Over time, they have perfected and cohesively honed their sound and skill, resulting in their forthcoming album titled “All Seen And Unseen”. The album is a direct musical personification of the two budding artists coming as one, purveying their skill sets, artistic approaches, and creative directions.

All Seen And Unseen, the debut album by PYRAMIDIC is fresh off the press and the vibes are in-check and pulling heartstrings and sending listeners into a ethereal, mesmerizing, and grounded center focus with it’s wobbly and deep bass ethos.

Spanning 37:52, compiled of 6 tracks, brimming with localized talent, dreamscape-fueled bass, and fit for a hypnotic level of consumption. This album is a sheer mind-altering experience. Each tracks illuminates the vastness of conscious expansion, energy, and vibrancy for humanity.

We see otherworldly features from violinists, poets, MCs, vocalists, and several solo works from PYRAMIDIC, all encapsulating a massive body of work that will inebriate audiences in a fowl swoop upon listening.

As follows, the track list in each order is: New Beginning, Fold, Fourth Turning, Long Division, The Rein Falls, and Truth Remains.

New Beginning

New Beginning starts the album off with a hypnotic and enchanting loop of vocals that are slow and graceful. The music livens in the background in a steady fashion while the verbiage and lyrics create soundscapes pulling the listener into a hallucinatory state. In the 6:43 duration, the lyrics create a meditative feeling that starts up at 1:50, and the drums and wobbly basslines begin to take shape and unfold through the remainder of the track.


Fold, second on the album, is a wonky development that creates a fractal dreamscape within the music’s captive emotive totality. Utilizing the vocalist from the last song, but with morphed and manipulated layers to elevate this addition to the album high above the clouds. In the 6:14 duration, PYRAMIDIC transports listeners into the creative lens and distorts perceptive reality through the music at hand.

Fourth Turning

Fourth Turning, nestled third on the album, is a breath of fresh air with its fancy footwork with the addition of the MC and syncopated drum patterns. A dash of an upbeat stylization of the previous two tracks yet compliments them as a nod and tip of the hat. A true spectacle in sound as it transcends the thought-provoking abilities of the human mind.

Long Division

Long Division rests perfectly on the fourth addition to the album. Showcasing deep basslines, brassy growls, and low-frequency synths backed by those mesmerizing lyrics from the previous tracks. Healthily dosing “Long Division” with extra MC work to accompany the cosmic bass elements. You can begin to see the elevation in danceability in this supplement to the album and we are here for it. A complete one-way ticket to another planet that PYRAMIDIC takes us to with this shape-shifting track.

The Rein Falls

The Rein Falls gracefully finds itself as the fifth track to the album. A bit of a tone shift from the previous tracks with its orchestral elements and angelic vocals that lay in the back. As The Rein Falls begins to unfold, listeners can expect to be taken back by its near halfway alienesque bits of bass and expansive soundscapes. As the mixture of all these impactful elements comes together, you can really dive deep into the mindsets of all the artists cohesively synchronizing under one common vision.

Truth Remains

Truth Remains, the finale to the album, also the longest track of the six, is a rushing of emotion and captivating natural sounds. The ability to allow wanderlust and cultivate a mindful experience to take over as the track manifests before you. As light, delicate, and diaphanous as the track is, by the halfway mark of the track, chants and low basslines are put into the mix with drum patterns and wonky soundscapes. A bright and illuminating send-off to the album.

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