Starkillers & Andrea Godin Amp Up The Energy w/ “Zilliqa” via Scarlet Cartels [Track Write-Up + Artist Interview]

Veteran Electronic Producers, Starkillers & Andrea Godin Infuse Cryptocurrency w/ Dance Music in Their NEW “Zilliqa” Release via Scarlet Cartels

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Seasoned electronic producers Starkillers and Andrea Godin are no strangers to releasing dancefloor mega-hits. With countless massive releases under their belts like Runnin, Do You Want A Bag, On The Rocks, and many others; these two are true spectacles in the realms of house, techno, and pop/dance.

pictured: Starkillers

Granted they keep their repertoire open wide to all genres, these two have been slicing and dicing tracks since well-before EDM saw its meteoric rise in the past decade. They’ve been seamlessly delivering dancefloor dominators since the early 2000s and are showing no signs of slowing their upward trajectory.

With their new release “Zilliqa” fresh off the press in their catalog, the upbeat and vivacious techno/house tune assuredly delivers on all facets of a rump shaking track. Combining their skillsets, they showcase true prowess with hard-hitting basslines, claps, and drum patterns that leave listeners jaw-dropped and ready for more.

pictured: Andrea Godin

In the 5:27 duration Zilliqa purveys salacious vocals and tantalizing lyrics provided by Andrea Godin that acts as a enthralling yet mesmerizing type of hypnotism. Accompanied by energetic beat making, this release is undeniably a byproduct of their best work yet by fusing hyped-up soundscapes and inspired by tech and future influences.

Let’s Chat w/
Andrea Godin & Starkillers About Zilliqa

Q1: Where does the name “Zilliqa” come from?

Andrea & Starkillers: “We are both heavily into the cryptocurrency world and
one of the main coins that we are involved in is called Zilliqa. We wanted to make a record with ‘techy’ style sounds that represented this new blockchain technology. In the song artwork we also incorporated the brand colours of Zilliqa which are turquoise and black.”

Q2: How does “Zilliqa” differ from releases you both have created before?

Andrea & Starkillers: “In 2022 we released a lot of tracks that were more of a crossover style between house music and mainstream dance. This is our first track in well over a year that is very much underground and really resonates with pure house music fans. It has a distinct nostalgic sound reminiscent of club nights in the 90’s.”

Q3: The vocals and lyrics to “Zilliqa” are very tantalizing and emotive down to its word choice – where does the inspiration derive for such a thought-provoking style of choice in the track? 

Starkillers: “I’ve had a long history of being directly involved in the house club scene in the 90’s and 2000’s in Miami, New York, and Chicago. This song definitely takes me back which was the goal for this record.”

Andrea: “Exactly! Starkillers’ history in the scene combined with my nearly
20 years of songwriting experience has resulted in this track coming to life
exactly how we imagined.”

Q4: Can you tell us more about Scarlet Cartels? How did your label start and what do you aim to create as a platform? 

Andrea: Scarlet Cartels was born nearly 5 years ago. After dealing with many years of chaos in the industry I quickly learned only to rely on myself and also that the majority of record deals do not have your best interest at heart. After I met Nick A.K.A Starkillers, we developed a plan. He began guiding me through the process of building a label and showed me the proper steps to take. Now, we have full distribution, extensive radio play on Dance radio, songs charting on iTunes and Apple Music, media coverage, publicity, and more.
As for the sound of Scarlet Cartels, I’ve always been drawn to songs with a dark and mysterious feel which I will definitely continue to bring to the table with my label. This past year, I’ve rebranded with a new logo and look for the brand which represents this sound spot on. I also aim to create music that contains all (or mostly) originally written vocals and music rather than vocal samples. This is a very important aspect for me.”

Q5: What’s next for each of you, now that “Zilliqa” is out on all platforms?

Andrea & Starkillers:

“We don’t allow just one genre to define us. In our upcoming releases it will be clear that we allow our creativity to lead the way. Recently, we felt inspired to make a Drum & Bass EP. We also delved into Deep Techno with some aggressive vocals and interesting lyrical content. I (Andrea) will be making my rap debut this month on my EP ‘Manager’. I found that rapping allows you to tell your story in more of a direct and unique way rather than being limited to a certain amount of phrases in a pop/dance song. You can also look out for Starkillers’ alter ego NYCK on his upcoming and absolute powerhouse Hip Hop track ‘I Made My Whole City Hot’. We have lots of stuff on the way and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.”

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