GunFight Pulls The Trigger w/ “Salvo” – His Newest Heavy & Melodic Dubstep Tune Which Fires On All Pistons [Track Write-Up]

GunFight Unloads His Audio Artillery via His First Track Release of 2023 w/ “Salvo” – A Combo of Melodic Vocals & High-Octane Bass

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

GunFight released a full arsenal of ammo via his newest multi-sensory heavy yet melodically delivered bass production “Salvo” .

GunFight has increasingly elevated his armaments of groundbreaking tracks that surpass the last in creativity and monumental appeal. “Salvo” is prime example of this type of conveyance.

Each chord and vocal piece in this standout track is pronounced and leaves a lasting impression from start to finish. Whether you hyper-focus on a section, element, or look at the track as a whole – it garners wickedly tasteful components and warrants headbanging with waving your hands in the air to the beat.

pictured above: GunFight

The initial build up is accompanied by a compelling drop that gets a transformative hook and leveled up by the salacious second drop and we are definitely here for both drops, rocking a bass face for both.

From the harmonious lyrics to the composition of electrifying notes, GunFight layers in the production and each are immensely powerful. The syncopated drum pattern is laced with deep and meaningful melodies and peppered with fulfilling basslines.


“Fighting For Every Second With You”
“One By One, We’re Breaking Through”

To contrast the melodic and enchanting vocals is a firefight of bass that instantly hooks the listener in and creates a fierce juxtaposition of the dexterity GunFight aims and pulls the trigger with. Right on target, we must say!

Let’s Chat w/ GunFight About “Salvo”

Can you describe the creative process and direction behind the production?

GunFight: “Yeah, this tune started as a practice drum session then it evolved into something more melodic and helped shape some new vibes from me.” 

How does Salvo differ from releases you’ve put out previously?

GunFight: “With every release I try to do something unique in regards to the production. I feel the flow and vocals really stand out in this one.” 


Salvo” is OUT NOW on all major music streaming platforms – Listen TODAY!

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