Ironhide Mechanizes The Masses w/ 3-Track “Machine 2.0” EP [EP Write-Up]

Canadian Bass Music Machine, Ironhide Fires Off Heavy Artillery w/ “Machine 2.0” | A Breathtaking 3-Track EP Bound To Leave You Speechless

Storm Coverage By: Curator Presents

The monster Ironhide has struck again. No, I’m not talking the massive Transformer, nor the stellar armor suites from the Elder Scrolls. I’m talking about none other than the dubstep legend Ironhide, master of the machine gun basses and utter devastation.

This time is no different, he has recently dropped his monster 3-track EP “Machine 2.0”. Hailing from Kelowna, Canada (home of the bass gods, apparently) he has carefully constructed and executed a stellar EP of insane brutality and fast-paced machine gun fire. 

Starting off with the title track, “Machine 2.0” comes in with an ominous pad to set the tone, rapidly shot into our first drum beat that sets a tone that’s almost “gangster” for lack of a better term.

The anticipation begins to take hold as it switches to a snare heavy build, next giving us a minor fake drop before the first round of guns are unleashed on us. The flow is insanely sick and has these moments where the pattern slows down, adding a nice little bob to your step.

The B section on this fucker also is insanely nutty, and it will instantly be going into my sets going forward.

Next up, we are presented with “AutoBot”, sticking with the Transformers theme of the branding.  This song wastes no time fucking around, as we are quickly giving a drum rolled build with some crazy risers, and not even 30 seconds in we are already being slaughtered on-sight by these crazy guns that instantly grip your attention.

It was also at this point I began to notice a pattern. Ironhide‘s tracks have this way of being filled with complete and overwhelming chaos, yet, everything comes through so clean and plays its role well inside the mix. It’s truly admirable to see as a producer myself. This track gives you almost zero breathing room as it’s an entire battlefield from beginning to end, and I’m all for it! 

And for our grand finale, last but certainly not least, we have “Decepticon”.

This one starts a bit differently than the previous two tracks. We are presented with a spooky and sinister monologue given to us by the one and only Megatron, alongside an anxiety filled build up that completely explodes and goes off when the drop smacks in.

The snare stands out in this track as it has a nice “tonk” song to the hits, adding an extra layer of tonality as the aggressive basses shove their way through your speakers.

The second drop continues the crazy ride with these extra synth sounds added throughout, then everything comes to a slow halt towards the end. Almost as if the warfare has completely ended. 

Ironhide‘s stellar 3-track EP, “Machine 2.0” tosses you straight into a world of chaos, and accompanied by “PngGvng”’s intense graphics and teaser videos to go with the tracks, it totally builds out a world of intense transformers and machine gun basses. A true masterpiece in the underground music scene.

Go check it out now on all platforms and share the madness everywhere you can!

Ironhide’s Autobot & Decepticon
Teaser Videos Below
by: PngGvng

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Artwork & Teaser Videos Credits: PngGvng

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