VISKUS Binds Tech & Emotion Together w/ “Purple Data” EP [Artist Interview + EP Write-Up]

VISKUS Fuses His Understanding of Technology and Human Emotion to Create “Purple Data” – A 4 Track EP Charged Up w/ Bass and Wonk

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Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-based electronic bass music producer VISKUS let’s his emotions flow with the release of his newest self-released EP titled “Purple Data”.

The extended play consists of four brand new original tracks, Purple Data, Livest in the South, Losing Viscosity, and Racing Satellites.

From a technology-driven world to the very core of our species; sharing and transferring information in the blink of an eye without regard to how we do it and where it goes. It’s a mind f**k, right? So is this EP as VISKUS has proof of it in the form of 4 brand new tracks to kickstart the year strong.

pictured: VISKUS | photo by: Nathen Lane Media .

Record labels such as Ganja White Night’s Subcarbon, Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan, Spicybois, Obskure, Wubaholics, and Gradient Perspective (just to name a few), all have signed VISKUS‘s music to their impressive imprints, amassing hundreds of thousands of streams – collecting adding into the millions.

Taking his on the road, VISKUS has played major festivals like Bass Ribbon Pines, Sound Haven, Electric Retreat, toured as direct support for Notixx. His free-flow of events and festival appearances for the past year have given him the limelight to showcase his new music to fans, attendees, and listeners alike.

Interview w/ VISKUS

pictured: VISKUS


Question 1: Purple Data is finally out now! How excited are you to have this 4-piece body of work out to the masses and into the ears of fans, listeners, crowds, and audiences alike? 

VISKUS: I am incredibly proud and excited to finally have this full body of work public. The concept for this EP started a little over a year ago. And ever since I formulated the concept, I fell in love with articulating the ideas into these new 4 tracks.


Question 2: The flagship track Purple Data doesn’t hold back in terms of wonky and adventurous appeal. You mentioned this EP was inspired by technology and emotions. How did it all come together cohesively with the two subjects at hand? 

VISKUS: The inspiration actually came from the thought of technology and their lack of capacity to understand emotion given their increase in intellectual capabilities. I feel like I really inverted my process for writing with this EP. Instead of focusing on the presence of my emotions and writing music based on the emotions I felt in the moment, I kinda forced myself into this of longing for emotional connection and once I had myself in this mental state where I was longing for that emotional connection, I took that time to meditate and focus on how THAT felt, I took time to embrace the empty hallow shell I had become and started trying to articulate that space into a human auditory experience as best I could.

Question 3: “Livest In The South” is an upbeat, freeform-forward, and funky production that leaves a lasting impression. What is the story behind this track?

VISKUS: This track is a metaphor for the hopefulness and optimism that still somehow found me when I was in the “emptiness” (I will refer to my meditative space in which I processed these feelings as the emptiness) 

While in the emptiness, I noticed I started to feel comfort in the fact that even if no happiness existed here neither did pain, it almost became satisfying to know I wouldn’t feel one at all even if it meant not having the other. Which made me realize something. There is a LOT of power and strength that goes into a human who is content in the waking world. To be content in the middle of chaos takes mental and emotional dexterity that I think many people take for granted or overlook. And I don’t mean the people who put her e faking contentment by posting it on social media everyday. But people who are truly just content living their day to day life. That’s is true magic.
So from there, I took that energy and wrote this track.

Question 4: Losing Visocity, the third track on the EP garners several highlights and impressive sound design. Where does the name “Losing Viscosity” tie into the track? 

VISKUS: The name of this track comes from a session I had when I was meditating on this concept and triggered myself into having a complete mental breakdown. Granted, mostly this was from things happening in my personal life, the thought of how I struggled to retain my solid composure while I was in this emptiness made me think of a material that was in a box, that melted from the heat of the pressure from life, and started to ooze through the cracks.
You hear the emotional struggle in the melody carried out through out the song, while the sound design is inconsistently bending, melting, and crystallizing through out the song. The sound design in the track is meant to give the listener a sensation of quickly altering their physical form from liquid to solid  and many different measurement of viscosity in between.
I also sample the sound of water running into soil, and watering plants, and layered them with my shakers to help orchestrate the fluidity transformation between states. In short, the name “Losing Viscosity” is a metaphor for the absolute breakdown of one’s ego to accept what is. To be fluid like water, and to be able to take shape of any environment you are put into, to adapt, and thrive. 

Question 5: Racing Satellites is the finale to the Purple Data EP, and is a storytelling experience that immediately transports the listener into outer space and sends them on a cosmic journey into sound and the void of space itself. How important is creating an otherworldly experience via your music for your fans and listeners with productions like this?

VISKUS: Creating an otherworldly experience is very important to me as an artists. To be able to captivate a listener and take them to a mental place , is something I’ve found extreme pleasure  in sharing. Racing Satellites is a metaphor for the journey our data of raw emotion takes before it finds us as a listener. We write the music here on earth, the computer translates that raw emotion into purple data, then shoots ALL this compiled data up into the stars to race around the world via satellite before it finds you. And the fastest moving vessel of data is usually the one that finds you first. (The vessel refers to the marketing that pushes music further to more people.)

Question 6What can we expect from you in the near future now that Purple Data is out now and where can we expect to catch Viskus next? 

VISKUS: Next up, I have a couple more EPs of music I am sitting on that I need to now focus my time on developing concepts for as well. After a couple more concept EPs, I plan to release a full conceptual album! Which is already in the works!

pictured: VISKUS

VISKUS shares his creative insights with us:

“Purple Data is a concept EP, conceptualized from the emotions I felt when I started thinking about the idea of how all the music we write now a days goes into a computer.

In which that computer takes the human expression of raw emotion and converts it into data. These computers then share it around the world in the matter of seconds to billions of other devices so other humans around the world can listen and feel what that other human was feeling.

And in this process, none of these devices that are doing all the data conversion can feel or even understand how powerful the data is that they carry. When I thought on this for a while and allowed myself to become emotionally invested in the concept, I then wrote these 4 tracks out of that emotional inspiration.”

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