HUSKI – ‘Never Wanna Leave’ [Track Write-Up] NEW Explosive Drum & Bass/Future Riddim Single + REMIX CONTEST

HUSKI – Rising Bass Music Powerhouse Delivers An Explosive Hybrid Drum & Bass/Future Riddim Single Release Titled – ‘Never Wanna Leave’ & Adds A Remix Contest

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Reigning from California, our good friend HUSKI is back with another explosive single. This time fusing together the deep, dark sounds of future riddim and drum n’ bass with his brand new self-release titled ‘Never Wanna Leave’.

As of late, HUSKI has been on fire and deservingly so. Fresh off his well-received Canadian return at Bailar Music Festival with several familiar faces here at Monsoon Season (Flatland Funk, Smiles Only, Xpensiv Taste, Zovah, and more). Along with a multitude of new releases to bark at the moon over, HUSKI‘s also got one more fresh track to add to his bone collection – ‘Never Wanna Leave‘.

So we’ll comb over some highlight moments that led up to this insane single then jump into the track.

Not but three months ago we had covered his maniacal collaboration with Blodya ‘Give Us Time’ which was a ground-shaking dubstep/riddim fusion that spawned 3 official remixes. After a painstaking contest, 3 artists, DOWNCAST, BlVCK LUNG, and SEGERA, all prevailed with winning remixes. Even today, we rock out to that mind-melter.

Then, his utmost recent releases of ‘Protect You’ and ‘Cyber Husky– garner the salacious sounds of futuristic drum n’ bass and experimental/freeform bass. The two pivotal powerhouse releases of his have definitely had an influential role to play in the creation and delivery of ‘Never Wanna Leave.

‘Never Wanna Leave’ begins its captivation immediately with serene vocals drawing the listener in persuasively and charismatically. The soft and inviting voice is matched by the forthcoming intense sound usage of the two genres.

What you love most about riddim, drum n’ bass, and futuristic sounds, is all here in ‘Never Wanna Leave‘. From those high-energy kick moments to the deep and low wonk that is ever-so-easily structured for the bassheads of today.

I find great enjoyment in artists who aren’t afraid to be path-carving and pioneering in their pursuit to find their sound. Usually, the results are groundbreaking, and in this scenario, the proof is in the pudding.

This hot and heavy slapper rings all the bells, blows all the whistles, and pulls out all the stops. Everything you love from the two genres is layered and built together so cohesively. A true musical spectacle of sound.

Check out what HUSKI had to say about his release:

“The story behind Never Wanna Leave came from wanting to form two styles that I have been pretty passionate about lately which are Future Riddim and Drum & Bass.

I find myself these days spending so many hours enjoying these two genres and never wanting to break myself out of the trance.
I wanted to create a record that provides a unique listening experience and brings both fans closer to the styles as they explore the different tempos and soundscapes each style inhabits.

With the two together, I’m hoping they find a place with others who share the same taste/passion and feel a sense of home/community, and never wanting to leave the vibes/life that surrounds that moment!”

Pictured: HUSKI | By: @eric.710


Attention Producers: The free downloads and stems are available for remixing and streaming.

Remixes can be sent to for a chance to be a part of the official remix EP that will be distributed on all major streaming platforms with bonus promo coverage. The deadline is Oct. 13th and the remixers will be announced on October 17th on my Instagram! Official Remix EP will be available everywhere on Oct. 27th.

BPM: 145-174 KEY: A♭ minor

Check out his podcast Lose The Tempo here on YouTube. He has featured and interviewed the likes of Popsikl, Mully, Braddick, Yvng Jalapeno, and so many more. A self-described ‘Electronic Dance Music network that focuses on dance music, rave culture, the music industry, upcoming artists, and rave platforms’.

Topics can include music production, politics, current world affairs, favorite foods/cuisines, record labels, and a plethora of other newsworthy and entertaining sessions.

Loads of fun to tune into. Give his pages a like, follow, and subscribe. You will always find something to sink your teeth into with HUSKI.

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