Jaysyx + NIMBVS – ‘Break My Heart’ | Rude Service Records Release (Full Stack 100 Compilation) [Track Write-Up]

Jaysyx & NIMBVS Collide In Their Newest Bass Tune ‘Break My Heart‘ On Rude Service Records’ – Full Stack 100 Compilation

Written by: Brandon Rafferty

Heavy bass and electronic dance music producer Jaysyx has returned on his massive climb among the ranks of underground EDM. Rapidly releasing tracks with powerhouse labels such as Emengy, Rude Service and Subsidia Records.

Jaysyx has come back to us with yet another huge Rude Service release, but this time, he switched it up. The last release we got from him was full of massive collabs and crazy dubstep bangers, but this time, we are treated with a melodic adventure he has curated for us, and along for this journey, NIMBVUS plays the role of co-producer. . 

As most tracks Jaysyx brews up for us…. he doesn’t take time to mess around. Quickly, the tone is set with a filtered melodic arp, and a thunderous drum hit, riding us into the vocal section  (which in my opinion, is mixed in a way I truly enjoy that most artists don’t, and that’s where they are almost “too loud”. I find that it always helps bring tracks to life and also helps across all listening platforms.)

pictured: Alex & Andrew of NIMBVS

While the vocal section plays out, there’s almost a roaring synth stab in the back adding those punches of emphasis to the melodic content portrayed through the vocals. A lot of the elements are taken away when the build begins, and when we hit the drop, it’s the switch up I mentioned previously. 

As we are transferred into the first drop, we are left with a small section with the vocal sample stating “Break My Heart’, and after we are hit with a melodic stack of synths creating a chord progression that gives a sense of hope and also despair when the chords tend to drop in key.

The synths are broken up and silenced almost every time the snare hits, which allows it to shine through the mix and gives that extra “smack” to reinforce the energy continuously carried through this drop. As the drop continues, we are accompanied by the original vocal sample from the intro, only this time they are chopped up to create their own backing melody.

pictured: Jaysyx

The 2nd half of the drop brings in those heavy basses and growls we have come to love from a Jaysyx track, and how these two collaborators managed to blend the melodic and heavy elements during this drop is top notch. 

The rest of the song is very similar to the beginning half, with minor changes occurring during the build and drop. All around, Break My Heart is an absolutely beautiful surprise to receive from two artists who tend to have heavier backgrounds. This track catches the feelings better than some Illenium tracks, which goes to show how well they have executed the blending of two beloved EDM genres.

Go check out “Break My Heart” by Jaysyx and NIMBVS, available everywhere via Rude Service Records

[Stream ‘Break My Heart’ Here]

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