Dread MC + The Disco Godfathers – ‘Kamikaze’ | Ghetto Ghetto X Fraudulent Records Release [Track Write-Up]

We Get A Double Dose Of Basshouse From Dread MC & The Disco Godfathers With ‘Kamikaze’

Written by: Garth Jones

Ghetto Ghetto Records Teams Back Up With Fraudulent Records For A Second Compilation Album GGFRDC002

10 tracks make up this compilation album, all gleaming with energy, vigor, and laced with luster. While they all are shining with brilliance all on their own, we take the time to break down and investigate what makes ‘Kamikaze‘ tick by the one and only Dread MC and The Disco Godfathers. From the riveting vocals to the blaring basslines, you can assure you’ll be on your feet in no time.

“Watching Me, I See You Watching Me”

From the instantaneous electricity in the introduction, your body gets that spark under its skin and a small spasm takes over, your hips gets a swivel, and a smile begins to take shape on your face. Yes, it’s that quick. Dread MC‘s authoritative vocals set in with dominance all the while The Disco Godfather‘s signature basshouse vibrations continue to build as a cohesive crescendo until it drops.
A UK bass stylized feel but with an elevated and higher energy structure, garnered with a upbeat trumpet-like snippet to break up the deeper basslines, backed and fortified with those addictively-set drops. From every corner, crevasse, and facet to this beat is salacious and lip-licking ready to get down to.

“Show Me The Key, I Will Give You Energy”

Dread MC has undeniably made a name for himself in the house music circuit with his glistening vocal features on recent track with NOISES & Dark Cities’ ‘Talk’, Gentlemens Club’s UK garage track ‘1999‘, and even Freddy Rule’s ‘Push It’, all great exemplifications of his range and ability to speak volumes in his work.

The Disco Godfathers, the duo with so much danceability in their work, it’s alarming. Each time these two create a track, it has a uniquely symbiotic relationship with their listeners. Adding in next-level, forward-thinking, the sounds of tomorrow, you can never go wrong with their catalog of tunes.
If you thought ‘Kamikaze‘ was a dancefloor dominating force, than we have news for you! They have a seemingly never-ending supply of them. From the ridiculously well-received ‘Syrup Dreams‘ with B.R.A.I.N. on Dark Thunder Records, the over-the-top and teeming with energy track ‘Let’s Get Movin’ (my personal favorite, mind you), and a slue of remixes including Kylie Minogue, 50 Cent, and Tiesto’s hit tracks.

pictured: The Disco Godfathers


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