Say Word – ‘I Love You Anyway’ | Emengy Records Release [EP Write-Up]

Say Word Unveils His Summer Anthem EP ‘I Love You Anyway’ Via Emengy

Written by: Garth Jones

Say Word grabs the wheel to take us on one unbelievable ride from the mind of his and studio headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Chauffeuring our summer with four brand new tracks, each spanning across the spectrum of trap to include, hybrid, hard, and traditional styles. ‘Gauge’, ‘I Love You Anyway’, ‘Embrace‘, and ‘Jacked‘ collectively develop together as one cohesive unit, one after another, synergistically sounding as one.
Get ready to break a sweat to the music, break a knee to the dance, and watch us as we break down the ‘I Love You Anyway‘ EP out now via Emengy by Say Word!

Gauge [2:52]

Gauge‘ starts us off on the extended play with a dose of creativity and skill you just can’t deny. A sift of several samples to start it off all ranging in-depth and with a deep voice to lead you into the build-up. Similar to a malfunctioning radio, spewing news, updates, and advertisements but its much more complex and calculated as Say Word puts his fancy footwork into action by remaking it into his own reinterpretation. All of a sudden, the speed picks up with a hyper-quick layout of soundscapes to set the bar for what’s to come in the remaining three tracks.

The Best Of Songs For The Best Of Times

I Love You Anyway [3:08]

I Love You Anyway‘, the flagship track to the EP administers a fresh take on trap with a captivating female-led voice exclaiming ‘I Love You Anyway‘ throughout the track, fortified by complimenting pieces of heavier and darker sections. The quick-fire hits of Say Word‘s signature trap sounds are all-too-present here and we couldn’t be happier to hear them. From the range in samples, additions, and speed in the track, it all keeps you on your toes and on the edge of your seat. A seriously great addition to this ever-growing catalog of tunes to play out to the masses.

Embrace [3:08]

Embrace‘ drops it hard on the EP as the third track showing off his rambunctious and rowdy style on trap music. From the get-go, the energy and diversity in sounds are utterly to die for. From the introduction that he develops in the storyline style approach with him declaring he goes by Say Word now and rightfully so. His evolution and ascension in skill is totally at work here. The shifts and shakes in basslines to the deafening ability to completely make it all work and come together as one prime package of production, is all you need to get in the mood for this madhouse. Embrace is a fine tuned machine of everything you love about trap and bass music.

Jacked [3:02]

Jacked‘ turns up the heat, tenfold as the final piece to the EP at hand. Infusing a hellacious serving of rap/hip-hop portions with a mesmerizing mound of trap/bass sections to complete as one cutting-edge production. From the chopped vocals to the swiveling basslines, ‘Jacked‘ puts it in the bag and seals it up as a true trap music anthemic tune.
Hearing ‘Jacked‘ being played out to a shoulder-to-shoulder filled crowd, all hyped-up, and thirsty for a mean drop of heat, would put anyone in shock, putting their jaws to the floor. Shortly after they retrieve their mandibles from the floors they can quickly get absolutely torn and turned up to the massive wave of bass and trap that ‘Jacked‘ brings to the table. A truly phenomenal ender to the four-track ‘I Love You Anyway‘ EP.

There you have it, the ‘I Love You Anyway‘ EP, consisting of four next-level, contemporary, and roof-raising tracks from the never-ending conveyor belt that Say Word effortlessly manages and dominates each and every time.
Show your support by listening, liking, reposting, and sharing the EP on your favorite music social media platforms. This extended play has a little bit of everything for bass music lovers and trap music fans across the spectrum. Even if you don’t, we love you anyway.

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