GRISLY – ‘Omertà’ EP | Brass Knuckle Records Release [Interview + EP Write-Up]

GRISLY Packs A Fist Full With His New 4-Track Omertà EP – Out Now On Brass Knuckle Records

GRISLY takes us on a mentally destabilizing adventure with four brand new tracks on his Omertà EP. Giving off a mean-dose of bass, metal, and rap that all cohesively comes together as one tight-knit masterpiece. From the introductory track Omertà, to the following ‘Thing Of Ours‘ featuring Milano The Don, to his hard trap heater ‘Snitch‘, and ending things off with a display of dominance on ‘My Block’.

The vibes of Mafia style artistry, respect, family, and loyalty is laced throughout the extended play. We are going to chat with the gent in his official EP interview below. Sit back and be ready to take notes. So, by all means; come correct or dont come at all. This is the Omertà EP by GRISLY!

Written & Interviewed by: Garth Jones



This introductory track titled Omertà, (code of silence) the flagship track to the EP starts off with a bang. This metal/dubstep (metalstep) fusion track sets you on a vicious journey into the mind of GRISLY. The lyrics take on a stance of knowledge, character, and code of silence that must not be broken. The brutality in the bass, build-ups, and drops is a heavy dose of dubstep that only increases in intensity. Laser-piercing basslines that take on a massive appeal for their auditory value from each and every corner they are experienced. For any and all headbangers who love a great mixture of metal in their bass beatdowns; this track is for you!

“Knowledge Will Give You Power, But Character Will Give You Respect”

Thing Of Ours (Ft. Milano The Don)

GRISLY teams up with Milano The Don to take it up a notch as a heavily rap and bass infused tune titled ‘Thing Of Ours‘. Milano The Don declares his point of view on what the ‘code of silence‘ means to him and lays it out ever-so-perfectly to then be complimented by harsh and high frequency basslines to conclude on helluva dubstep masterpiece from GRISLY.
GRISLY seriously does this track justice with this new, futuristic, and contemporary take on today’s grueling bass music. Contrasting the track with low intermission points to then bring it right back up to the hot-to-the-touch fire we all want and need in a glaringly well-structured dubstep banger.

“Loyalty, Respect, and Family Over Everything”


Shaking things up, Snitch is a high-energy, hard trap, and seemingly endless party-forward production to add to the Omerta EP. Backed by ominous laughs throughout the track, laced with synthesized growls, and some of nastiest build-ups you’ll hear all summer. Fortifying the craze, you can expect to find a dash of trap infused hardstyle in a brief section to really elevate the energy. Sitting at an impressive 3:52, this track goes the f**k in for any and all trap/bass music lovers and aficionados.

“Mothaf**kin Snitch B**tch”

My Block

Holy f**k, get ready for one monster makeup of a track that hits all the checkboxes on a true-blue hammer down of bass. ‘My Block‘ is the end-all be-all to the EP. Consisting of a metal, rap and dubstep presentation that increasingly gets heavier and harder as it comes to a close. From the lyrics that boasts loyalty, the bass that promotes the neck-breaking, and the metal section to exemplify madness. Encapsulating all the prerequisites of a damn good ending to a story that GRISLY ever-so-perfectly laid out in textbook-style.

“I Do It For Myself But I Also Do It For My Block”

[Interview: GRISLY]

Q1: Welcome back, GRISLY! Before we jump into the music and your new EP ‘Omertà‘, what can you tell the new readers and soon-to-be fans who you are and where this all began?

A1: Thank you so much for having me! I’ve been DJing for a few years but only in 2020, I decided to really focus on EDM and finding my sound. It was not until this year that I found exactly the sound that represents me, which is heavy dubstep and hard trap music mixed with metal elements. I have always been a metalhead and a fan of headbanging music so I knew that was the route I wanted to go with the sound of GRISLY. I want all my fans and soon-to-be fans to know exactly what GRISLY brings to the table and that is a heavy-ass set with as much passion as possible. I want to take everyone on a journey from start to end on anything I do.

Q2: You have an affinity for bass music, metal, and tying them together perfectly. Where do you find this inspiration to combine two heavy genres into one cohesive package?

A2: I have always been a metalhead but also love electronic music so why not mix them you know. Seeing artists like Sullivan King and Kayzo perform years ago, made me think “hell yeah I wanna do that”. It is where I am most happy. I mean in music there are no rules right? So to me, metal and heavy dubstep go like bread and butter. it just works. There are so many styles of metal and so many styles of EDM that the possibilities are endless.

Q3: The brand new EP ‘Omertà‘, is OUT NOW! How does it feel to get this 4-track pack finished and out to the masses? Exciting, we must assume?

A3: Yes, absolutely! I am beyond excited because this is my first EP that I can truly say “this is my sound. This is me!” I am super happy with it and the feedback from my team and peers has been awesome! They really get into it and it sounds really good live too! 

Q4: You have Milano The Don featured on ‘Thing Of Ours‘! How did you two link up and what is the backstory behind this production?

A4: Yes! Milano the Don crushed it! This song was actually planned not to be this type at all before but, something happened where things didn’t work out. So, I decided to go another route with it. I remembered that Milano The Don reached out to me on Instagram asking to hit him up for vocals months before this song was even produced, so I decided to hit him up and see what he can do. Came to find out he is Italian and the whole EP is Mafia theme and about respect and the code of silence so we literally hit it off from the get-go. He knew exactly what I was looking for. He loved the song and did vocals for it and it just worked! I am beyond blessed to have him featured in this EP. He did a phenomenal job!

Q5: There is a certain essence of family, loyalty, and respect all over this extended play. Where can you say this came from and was derived?

A5: So I have been a huge nerd for the old school Italian Mafia since I was a kid. I have always been fascinated by how loyalty, respect, and family are always very important in the Mafia and these are important for me as well. The whole EP is based on the Mafia code really. Omertà is Code of Silence in Mafia vocabulary so I figured doing a whole EP with that theme would be absolutely badass. Plus, no one ever likes a snitch you know.

Q6: ‘Snitch‘ is a mean dose of hard trap music! How did you decide that this subgenre was a good fit for the EP?

A6: With all my sets, I will always have metalstep and hard trap. Those Saymyname screeches are nuts and always make for good transitions from metal into a nice hard trap heavy drop! I knew I wanted a hard trap song like that in the EP, so when it was complete it just fit right in. The whole snitch meaning with those heavy hard trap drops just really shows how powerful a snitch would be dealt with in the Mafia. 

Q7: What is next in the realm of GRISLY? What do you have up your sleeve for the remainder of 2021?

A7:  For the remainder of 2021 I have 2 more unreleased tracks that are going to be absolutely huge. One of them is a collab with a big DJ that I cannot mention yet but you will see and it will be out on his label. I’m hungry and I’m ready. I want to start doing shows all over, and I want people to know and expect that if you see GRISLY, it is going to be one heavy-ass show.

Q8: ‘My Block’ is undeniably packed with energy and movement. What was the most challenging aspect of this track? How did you overcome it?

A8: The most challenging part of My Block was trying to find out if I wanted to incorporate rap with metal or screams with metal. Obviously, I decided to go rap with metal which puts out really good energy and that song live is amazing. it’s upbeat and powerful and I felt it was perfect as the last song in the EP. It kind of gave off vibes that the EP is done but I’m not done. I am coming for more. I wanted to have some breakdowns of metal so people can have a bit of both worlds, metal, and EDM and the song delivers just that. 

Q9: Who is killing it in the eyes of GRISLY? Give them a gargantuan shout-out below!

A9: I am going to give a shoutout to my team! Brass Knuckle Records. All the artists signed to them are absolutely killing it and we all have big plans and I see everyone growing and learning and getting out there and crushing it. Check them out! They do not disappoint. 

[Stream – Omertà EP – HERE]

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