HUMANSION – ‘Alien Tech’ [Track Write-Up + Interview] TRAP MUSIC FROM SPACE

Humansion Delivers A Interstellar Track ‘Alien Tech’ and Story To Tell In This Official Interview

[Montreal, Canada-based] electronic bass music artist HUMANSION takes us with him into outer space to get in touch with our interstellar selves by listening to ‘Alien Tech‘, a recent original self release of his. Adding in this banger to his arsenal of tracks and label-releases like ‘FOOL‘ on XCILE Collective, ‘Bounce To This‘ on Brainsick Records, and his ongoing fleet of originals. HUMANSION is making waves with his every movement. We expect this rising talent to ascend high-above in no time at all.

Just who is HUMANSION? We find out where he found his passion for music, where it led him educationally, creatively, and ultimately how it has now affected his life for the better and for good! You’ll also get an inside scoop on his new remix, including where the inspiration draws from, and some minor challenges along the way. HUMANSION let’s us inside his travelling DJ/producer lifestyle, and where he plans to go next.

“Program Activated… GOODBYE”

Alien Tech‘ is a trap music storytelling-piece from HUMANSION that takes you aboard an invasive alien’s spaceship, exploring the corridors, chambers, and technical capabilities that are seemingly well-advanced for our human minds.

Instantly, you are invited upon this journey with a winding introduction that hails deep monstrous voices, a background of chime-like soundscapes, and an increasingly louder machine booting up its mainframe to only be met by an artificially intelligent recording of a warning that is imminent. Are we in trouble? I think so!

The effects and layers of basslines, and samples, all coming together at the first drop to remind anyone that we aren’t on planet Earth anymore. We are in the clutches of HUMANSION and his artistically creative production ‘Alien Tech’. Each corner of this track declares interstellar trap domination due its otherworldly nature and sheer aggression throughout the track. At every stopping point, you are met with an ever-larger drop and breakdown in between. A true spectacle of sound coming from HUMANSION, titled ‘Alien Tech


Written by: Garth Jones

Let’s Get To Know HUMANSION, Before Taking Us Back To Homebase.

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pictured: HUMANSION

Q1: We are thrilled to host this interview! Welcome to our torrential downpour. What can you tell us about your upbringing in dance music and what ultimately kept you?

A1: Thank you so much for having me as a guest! You see, it all started at the age of 4. Piano was the first instrument that I learned. At the age of 8, I discovered that I was able to do beatbox. So, I decided to do my first show in front of 500 people. At the end of my performance, I got a standing ovation… Seeing them cheering, screaming and applauding showed me that I could make people happy when performing for them. It was a dream come through as a child. This was the beginning of my carrier as an artist. So then, I decided to continue my musical journey. I learned to play the trombone in high school, which led me to go study in a music program in CEGEP. So, I had the chance to perform 3 times at the Montreal Jazz Festival, along with some symphony orchestra competitions.

It was on October 15, 2017 that I discovered EDM music. The first artist that I saw was Slushii. So, on that day, I knew what my purpose was.
In August 2019, I decided to start my career as a DJ / Producer. Knowing that we can create our own universe around our music and that we can create our own sounds, showed me that the limits are endless. I have been in the EDM business for less than 2 years now, and I still have a lot to learn! This is what keeps me going knowing that one day I will be able to make a living from my music and to keep bringing joy to people. In addition, I have a very good management team called The All Seeing Productions who helps me a lot with my branding, my music and support me a lot, giving me the motivation to keep working hard.


Q2: Your moniker ‘Humansion’ speaks volumes as is! Where did this name come from and what is the history behind it?

A2: That’s a good question! You see, since I was a little boy, I have always been good in understanding people. I was mature for my age. I always wanted to help others, knowing that everybody has a voice and shall be treated with respect. What I love about music is that it is one big language that can help people to connect with anyone. That’s why “universe” in music means “one song”. My goal is to show the world that human beings can be connected with only one song, because all dimensions of this world can be united in this universe. In other words, I love human souls!


Q3: Your style envelopes dubstep and trap. The two dominating genres of bass music that has the world hooked on wobbles and elbows. Where does this liking derive from? 

A3: I love dubstep because I love what comes with it. When I listen to dubstep, I am not just listening to a song, I am listening to a vibe. Seeing people vibing on dubstep, for me it is like family! That is what love about bass music is. It is seeing human beings dancing on the same vibe. Trap music is pretty much the same thing. What I love about this kind of music is that we can create some dirty and heavy sounds that make us want to do the “bass face”. Also, I think that it is a blessing to be able to produce, listen and vibe on bass music, and to play at a music festival.     


Q4: You recently dropped your George Lopez Remix! What were the greatest challenges to make it and what was your favorite part creatively?

A4: What I think is important to do as a music producer is to expand my horizons to another kind of music. When I saw ATLiens play some rap music mixed with dubstep, that gave me the idea to do the same thing. The biggest challenge I faced while making this remix was to create the perfect mix between rap and dubstep. I had to approach this style differently from what I usually do. But at the end, it was a super fun remix to make. I saw what I am capable of, and I think I will do more remixes like this!

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Q5: Alien Tech is another great release of you (arguably our favorite of yours)! Where did the inspiration and motivation come from to knock out such a heavy-hitting track? 

A5: At first, it was not my intention to do this beat. I was practicing my sound design along with the resampling. I wanted to think outside the box, so I decided to create a new vibe… Something that I never did before. I pushed the limits of my creativity by making this beat. When I saw what I was doing, I decided to make a full song out of it. So then, after working at least 60 hours on this track, I came up with this heavy trap music. I am really happy with the final result because I noticed that I am able to make this kind of music. Also, a lot of people like this beat, so I will keep doing this style.     

[stream ‘Alien Tech’ HERE]


Q6: What has been the highlight of your musical career thus far? 

A6: So far, it is having the chance to play my music in front of hundreds of people, to play at my first music festival in August 2021, to perform a second time out of town (in Ottawa), to release on labels such as Brainsick Records, Xile Collective and soon on WTFs That Sound, to have won a remix contest, to be supported by international artists such as Lucii and GAWM, to have played at least 25 shows since the beginning of my DJ career and finally, to be able to make people smile with my music and to see that I have an impact in their life. I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

photo of: HUMANSION


Q7: What can we, your listeners, and soon-to-be fans expect in the not-so-distant future from Humansion

A7: My goal is to release a showcase mix where I will put all my unreleased music that I did in the past year and some future beats to come, and I want to release my first EP in less than a year from now! Also, I have some collabs that I am working on right now that I cannot wait to show it all to you! Be prepared because I am working hard on my branding and on my music.


Q8: Who is killing it in your household of artists? Give them a foundational shout-out to show your love!

A8: There are a few artists that I want to give credit for. First, my friend Kryture who thought me a lot about music production, Seeing Double who always helped me by teaching me some tricks about music production, Syst-M who thought me how to mix on a controller, Future Exit who supports me a lot, The team of Bass Division who are always there for me, no matter what, and finally, artists such as Jiqui, Stoned Level, Izzy Vadim, and Lyes who gave me some private lessons that helped me a lot for the perfection of my music. Also, I am incredibly grateful for the support of my fanbase who is starting to grow little by little, my girlfriend who is my #1 fan, my family who without their unconditional love and support I would not be here today, and to you guys for taking the time to do this interview… It means a lot to me!! Remember, it is only the beginning…

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