INDAZE x Cxstle Cvstle – Gold (feat. CARLIE) | TXTR Records Release [Track Write-Up]

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INDAZE x Cxstle Cvstle – Gold (feat. CARLIE) | TXTR Records Release

TXTR Records unleashes their 6th release to the public and it is molten to the touch. Dripping with bright and luminous shine is INDAZE and Cxstle Cvstle‘s new track ‘Gold‘ featuring CARLIE. You can expect to find a heaping amount of new-age bass music in this release underpinned by forward-thinking application of future bass and supplemented by the lovely voice of CARLIE.

The track graces itself into a great introduction from CARLIE‘s amazing vocals. Backed by a clap and drum set-up to set up a hellacious drop. This future bass takes you to the limelight summer nights under the sky in an open-air festival amongst the stars and your closest friends!


Take yourself on a luxurious adventure with INDAZE, Cxstle Cvstle, and the feature from CARLIE today as this track can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and iTunes. A truly stunning display of production, vocals elements, and that bass you know and love. We highly suggest blaring this beat, today! 10/10 Recommend.

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