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[ By: Brandon Missig ]

Kerys | Hallow

Kerys is a French producer whose previous releases include a lot of synthwave type sounds. Hallow keeps some of those synthwave motifs, especially with the intro which has huge, slow synth chords on top of some granular textures which give it a very ambient and cinematic vibe. The song almost has a fake drop, followed by a fake build, before you get the full effect of the bass groove and heavy sound design.

The main drop involves an interplay between airy chord stabs and various metallic growls, wubs, and laser noises. The bass noises are both metallic and wet sounding while the chord stabs are very dry and wide. These work very well together, but what makes this drop slap is the use of silence to introduce stops to the flow before the next kick or snare puts it right back in your face. The bridge introduces a long section of cinematic chords that wash over you.

Kerys seems to be pushing an aquatic cyberpunk vibe and you can really feel it throughout this song. The next drop introduces more syncopation between the bass noises as well as some really aggressive fills and glitches between the phrases to keep it interesting. Overall, Kerys definitely seems like an artist that knows what they want to accomplish with their sound design, definitely someone to keep an eye on.

Crates I’m putting this into:
Midtempo Krunk, Hybrid Mosh, Cyberpunk, Outrun



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