Jetpack Brigade + Bvss Tactic – Komorebi [Track Write-Up]

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[By: Tate Beumel]

Well, almost don’t have words for this track.. the sound design and formulation of this track will leave you speechless. Jetpack Brigade & Bvss Tactic have really raised the bar with this heater of a tune. The opening is calming and atmospheric, clearing the mind and allowing you to full invest yourself into what comes next. A cheerful melody that fills the brain with dopamine and euphoria, a place of Zen and peace if you will… but the drop.

These talented and mind-blowing producers come out swinging with what they created here. There is a perfectly placed chant followed by a brief pause, and then all hell breaks lose. HEAVY LEADS and THICC BASS fills the airwaves and just sends you into a headbanger RAGE! These two aren’t done there either.. you know, there is always a 2nd drop right? You don’t think they can do better… WRONG! This track from beginning to end is breathtaking and loud, all you could ever ask for. Don’t you sleep on these two, much more bangers to come!


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