Cristina Soto – Lifted (Acoustic Mix) [Track Write-Up]

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[By: Brandon Missig]

Cristina Soto is famous and recognizable for her moving and emotional vocals for various bass and edm artists such as Psymbionic, Au5, and Clozee. Her voice has an irrefutably iconic nature to it. Her soundcloud refers to her as a “no-genre” artist so naturally it makes sense for her to do acoustic covers of her electronic collaborations to really show off her powerful voice.

Photo of: Cristina Soto

Lifted isn’t just an awesome demonstration of her ability to seamlessly move between bass music and acoustic folk music, it’s also an incredibly well produced song. The song opens with a delicate acoustic arpeggiation that quickly transitions into a standard chord progression.

The melody opens up with a violin solo that is both haunting and uplifting. The interplay between the lyrics and the violin solo are really what give this song its character. Cristina Soto’s harmonies with both the backing vocals and the violin provide a sense of depth and emotional progression throughout each section. This is another song that seems to highlight seasonal gradients and things changing, the timing of its release feels intentional in that way.


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