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Digital Dre: Interview

Q1: Welcome to our storm! For our readers and newly gained soon-to-be fans, who is Digital Dre? Briefly walk us through your origin story and decision to choose your name!

A1: Thanks so much for having me first off! So, funny story, when I first started out my name was Space Bunz. Quite a few people still call me that today actually. I always wore space buns so I thought the DJ name was appropriate at the time. When I started getting more serious gigs and some more professional insight into the industry, I felt like my name wasn’t professional enough for anyone to take me as seriously as I wanted them to. That’s what I was thinking in my head anyway. Hence came the name Digital Dre! I combined my tech and groovy persona and my nickname “Drea” into my name. It also makes me think of some anime girl just digitally wrecking everything in her path and I’m an anime weeb so there you go. Lol. I wish there was more of deep meaning but there’s not. 

Q2: Being a Texas resident must have bigger benefits in regard to music. What has been most constructive to you in The Lone Star State?

A2: I absolutely love love love Texas and what they have to offer in the music industry. I don’t think there’s really a disadvantage to being in Texas. You can make music anywhere as long as you have a laptop with you and that’s one of the most important things in my opinion. The best thing to ever happen to me so far, aside from being part of the Veridian fam which I couldn’t be more blessed with, is working at The Marc on their management team here in Texas. They have helped me gain such insight and so much respect for the industry as a whole. I owe a lot of my big opening direct support slots there to them. 

Q3: What has been new in terms of music since the days of SWERVE? Also, what was the inspiration and motivation behind the groovin’ release?

A3: There’s a lot of new things being done since SWERVE. I wasn’t sure what route I wanted to take in terms of producing and where I wanted to establish myself and producing that song helped me figure a lot out. Working alongside Ken was amazing he is one of the best producers I’ve seen hands down. I realized that I wanted the house to be my main route when producing and haven’t fallen out of love with it since. House music has kept me in awe for the past 2-3 years. I haven’t released anything since SWERVE due to my own little identity crisis I was dealing with for about a year or so, but since I now have what; I want to be figured out I’m ready to kick ass this year full force. This month I’ll be releasing my first song since SWERVE and what I feel will be the true Digital Dre sound that I’ve been molding for a long time. 

Q4: What can your fans expect for 2021/What do you anticipate for 2021?

A4: I couldn’t be more excited for this year. I finally feel 150% confident in my sound and what I want to stand for. You can find a year full of releases and an EP out by June.

Q5: Who do you see killing it in your area and beyond? Give them a shout-out!

A5: THE WHOLE VERIDIAN TEAM HAS BEEN KILLING IT! I couldn’t be happier in joining a group with a bunch of well respected, talented artists. Other people I see taking Texas by storm is Rizz0, GRINN, B&E, and Kivi just to name a few of the many talented artists here in Texas

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