MELTD – Off Da Juice [Track Write-Up]

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[San Antonio-based] experimental bass artist MELTD hones in on his inner-nostalgia with the delivery of ‘Off Da Juice’. Bubbling, gurgling, and dripping in pure MELTD fashion, the track’s movement and off-the-charts liquid vibe keeps you hooked. From start to finish it is a mere melty and hood-infused original. Utilizing the already-familiar samples and bars, you can easily sink in and drift into the creativity at hand. The track is so palatable right off hand, you instantly get a smirk on your face… and you know what is about to happen.

All, hell in a handbasket breaks loose and the wobbles commence. Just liquifying and clarifying with every second, your body follows suit. Front to back, side to side, the pops, wobbles, and ultimately the headbangs are instinctual.

Photo by: Nathen Lane Media


Creative Writer, Zachary exclaimed:

We have MELTD grabbing our attention the second we hear the song Tipsy by J-Kwon! My brain was immediately melted by the sound design (no pun intended). It’s like being taken to a new planet with the alien bass and wobbles. Going into the second, it leads very nicely and tipsy, going into the drop, you just get smacked with more alien wobbles! Such heavy bass sat under the drops beautifully! Absolutely awesome experiences I got to have listening to these songs and doing write ups on them!

Creative Writer, Sarahi thought:

Tipsy but make it EDM trap filled with wonky bass. That’s exactly what MELTD did with his track ‘Off Da Juice’. Opening up with iconic lyrics from the song ‘Tipsy’ but adding his own style. The song itself is very experimental, filled with wonky and trippy noises that have a drippy effect almost ‘alieny’.

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