Killa Nilla – Avalanche Ranch [Album Write-Up + Interview]

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[Colorado-based] Killa Nilla administers a full dose of art, nostalgia, and creative direction with his newest and debut album, Avalanche Ranch. Consisting of twelve unique, contemporary, and refreshing tracks, collaborations, and more to pack this album with a little bit of every style, genre, and liking for the listener.

Starting the album is the introductory track Fresh Air, moving into Avalanche featuring. Fi, Take U There featuring Brook Lewis, The Bugs, Wook Wool with Strange Tamer, and at the halfway mark you can rest assured the energy is elevated with track number six, ‘The Heat’, a track gleaming with unrelenting pressure and wonky twists.

Picking right back up Killa Nilla moves forward in textbook style with his collaborative works with Denver-local Mport, a name very familiar here in the storm. Their collaboration really stuck as interesting. The efforts paid off tremendously because it’s one of the more exploratory tracks of the album. Lifted, spiked, and studded with bass, you can easily jam to this one.

Continuing on with the album, Love Shack, Ohm, Run Around, Time To Go, and Return (outro) concludes the album. Each track an episodic compliment to the next. This album is a story, which needs to be read from front to back, in order. As we have here we can see the story unfold as the immersive, captivating, and flooring art it is.

To finish any loose ends, we ask Killa Nilla to sit down with us and chat about some topics such as his origin story, the album, and his plans for 2021. Enjoy!


Q1: Can you walk us through where your origins story begins as the musician, Killa Nilla?

A1: It all started on my 12th birthday at Red Rocks. My dad took me to see the Meowingtons Hax Tour with deadmau5 and Excision and my life was changed forever. I downloaded the timeless classic “Virtual DJ” and started messing around the next day and haven’t stopped since.

Q2: 2020 has been undeniably dynamic for everyone. In what several ways can you recall the forsaken year turned into a positive?

A2: This year has definitely been challenging for everyone. As a musician/food industry person it’s been tough…but. With all this free time I was able to really buckle down and produce this album. I can’t see into other dimensions but I can’t help but wonder if “Avalanche Ranch” would even exist if it wasn’t for the pandemic…

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Q3: Avalanche Ranch is stacked with a sound selection for the masses. Where did the foundational thought process begin when starting this album?

A3: I had a fantastic vacation at a hot spring called “Avalanche Ranch“, that experience is the core foundation of the story. Towards the end of the trip I knew what I needed to do. Lyrics and melodies were coming to mind, as well as lots of ideas for sound design that I heard while I was there. I could see much more clearly how I want to define my music and myself as an artist. I really didn’t want to put myself into a box with this. I like to listen to and make a variety of different types of music and want to be able to release whatever I want under my brand. I made sure that this album would show that I can have a cohesive concept piece that has multiple genres in it.

Q4: In the totality of the album, which track was more fun to make, in comparison to the track that brought the most resulting joy as a storytelling piece? 

A4: I think “The Heat” was the most fun to make. Mostly because it was the first track I made when I got back. I feel like being so close to the trip I was really able to capture the feeling and experience in the sound design and track. However, I feel like “Avalanche” & “Love Shack” do a great job of telling the story. It was great to have my girlfriend sing on the title track because she was there with me! We were able to write and record the lyrics together which really helped in being able to tell the story. 

Q5: What was it like working with Mport? He has been in our storm several times! He is quite talented. Your track together is wild, exploratory, and unique. 

A5:  Mport is such a talented producer. I’ve wanted to work with him for a while so to get our first collaboration together on this album really means a lot. It was really fun and natural to work with him, we laughed a ton. I learned so much in our sessions and I hope to work with him on more music in the future! Go peep his Spotify/ Soundcloud!

Q6: What can expect in 2021 that differs from this album?

A6:  I’m going to start releasing meditation and sleep music that I’ve been working on! 

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Q7: Who do you see killing it lately? Give them a decent Killa Nilla shout out! 

A7: Holy smokes the list is so long. I gotta shout out the whole Superb Beats Collective gang, Duper, DJ Tofu, Mport, Kalatana, Avonova, VNDL, MAWKS, Hazmat, and KAJA. Strange Tamer is going to be releasing a lot of quality tunes this year including an EP or 2 or 3. The boys Nyquist and Subb Spaced are always sending me heat. NJoy & SYNAPSE have been showing me a ton of cool tracks lately. Green Matter has a killer brand and killer tunes. Joof is always making fire. Lemondoza just had a smokin’ release on Aspire Higher. Subciety putting in work to stay up through the crazy. Saltee had a killer set on Twitch for Jingle Bass and played some fire unreleased DnB! Creature is sitting on some flame deep wubs. Just to name a few, all the homies are putting in work these days. Couldn’t be more proud of my friends for perseverance in hard times!

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