Cabuizee + Raddix – Broken: Tribal Trap Release [Track Write-Up]

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[Texas-based] Takeover Week artist, Raddix, teams up with Cabuizee to drop a unholy outfielder with ‘Broken‘ which was recently released on Tribal Trap. Together creating a galvanizing track to be seen and heard from the stars. Truly, a spectacle amongst art, a revealing, and wholehearted display of skill from both, Cabuizee, and Raddix.

As we have just wrapped up the official Instagram and Snapchat Takeover installation of the week, we can now move onto the four articles and final guest mix portions.

Initially the track summons the listeners into a piano crawl into crescendoing bliss, subsequently Raddix blares his magnificent voice into the upper atmospheres and beyond with ‘Broken‘, followed by intense and monstrous growls from Cabuizee. You don’t need to look around when you have that instinct to sing along to this track, clenching your fists, and screaming to end the chorus. Just to throw you back into the lions dens of bass and energy. SCREAM IT… ‘BROKEN!”

This track sits at the top of our Raddix playlists, ready to be blasted, and ready to be heard by any lucky soul to be in close proximity enough to enjoy it also. Hey, just for smiles and giggles, let’s replay it and turn up the volume. Again and again!

Join us continuously this week as we are going to ask Raddix 10 questions live on Instagram, 10 questions here on the blog, and lastly his guest mix dropping exclusively on our SoundCloud on Thursday, January 7th.


Up Next on the Raddix Takeover: Raddix Interview Part 1

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