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Nova Lotus Music announces their first of its kind of live-streamed virtual music festival, Nova Vita Live. Bearing a wide-ranged lineup of dance music talent, this event will feature sounds from a multitude of genres like mid-tempo, electro, dark experimental bass, and much more. Taking off on January 9th, of 2021, Nova Vita Live will be a curation of larger household music names in addition to their Nova Lotus residents and beyond to cover all spectrums of their vision.

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Jan 9, 2021 / 1:00pm-1:00am PT (Pacific Time)


Q1. Welcome! We are stoked to have you in our downpour! What can you tell us about the origin story behind SHSTR and how it came to be where we are today? 

A1. I have always enjoyed having a story with puzzles included and I wanted to tell this story but felt like I had struggled at times to tell it initially. The evolution between visual elements used for this project was key to reinventing how I present not only the experience I wanted to push but making it fun, creating everything.

Q2. Before we jump too far into music and the stream, Nova Vita Live. In what aspects can you describe that 2020 has been beneficial and or advantageous to you? What positivity can you recollect?

A2. It helped me push the story forward to a place where everyone would be. The number of kind regards I would receive, not only through the audio but through visuals and story created, was incredibly humbling to see. It is always worth pushing if you hear that you are making something that is a safe and happy place for someone.

Q3Nova Vita is closer than it is far! We are all excited to witness the embarking of this journey! How are you preparing for, and what can we expect from you for this stream? 

A3. To prepare is key for anything and Nova Vita is no exception. The method used is sadly left to the individual’s imagination as that is where the magic happens! I believe you can expect new audio that is created solo and ones that are created with friends. I am truly excited for you to experience with me!

Q4. Walk us through your track, The Council. What creative processes did you call upon to develop your track?  (track located below)

A4. The pieces that fit where the story is moving next. Moving forward I wanted a sound in my audio that reflects my style of art while also staying fit to that section of the story and having its own identity. Finding this has made writing audio and visual aspects a lot easier and will be applied in future creations.

Q5. What can we expect in 2021? Anything in the stream-set that will give some clues?  

A5. There are current clues in my normal fashion of having them in frames of the visual material made that will be joyous to see society members discover!

Q6. Who do you see killing it these days, even when the odds are against us? Give them a shout out for their grit and sweat! 

A6. Quite a few lovely people I will list who are mostly my closest friends:

Moore Kismet: They are truly one of a kind and I am truly happy to call them a true friend. Knowing them from a bit of the beginning of their own story, I truly believe they deserve all the success they have and more. They truly helped me see my direction I wanted to move towards!

Malixe: Seeing this lovely individual aspire to become an icon of greatness with audio and visual work has been truly inspiring. With being someone I know personally, I know how hard he has worked and I’m truly grateful for this individual. 

acloudyskye: I personally don’t know this individual and I apologize if I do not get the pronouns correct but he is truly one of my favorites from following his work for the last 2-3 years. He deserves all the success he receives and I hope to work with him someday!

Xander Leonis (By Dream Inc): This individual has put quite a bit of work in a lot of what they do and has taught me a lot in what I do as well. A true visionary!

Ian Hiscock (Management: Nova Lotus): With having this lovely human managing the big picture of everything I do, I truly know success is inevitable. With his hard work and never ending drive during a pandemic of all things, he stays positive and truly sees the direction of success no matter what he is handling at the moment. I owe a lot of my growth and success to this amazing person.

My loving family who have supported me: This definitely goes without saying as having support from the start and currently is the support I can never thank enough. 

Deathpact and the Deathcord FamilyDeathpact has given me the support that shaped my self confidence in what I do significantly that I can never truly thank enough. The Deathcord family had opened their arms and helped me shape my direction significantly and have become some of my closest friends over time. Mike SV, Cree, Avocado, Bliss, Faron, Kenzie, John, and Chase.

My lovely society Members: Every single society member doing what they can to move forward is doing truly amazing keeping their head above water in this incredibly hard time. Without the support of you all, especially in one of the hardest times to experience, I truly don’t know where I would be and I am looking into plenty of ways to give back to everyone before and after we are able to experience everything together and in person.

Thank you for having me Monsoon Season, You are a lovely group of individuals and I can’t express how grateful I am for this opportunity. We expand and grow together SHSTR

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