Vital Mode x NIRE – Vortex: Rushdown Records Release [Track Write-Up + Artist Interview]

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In a scene that takes itself all too seriously it’s refreshing to see playfulness return into bass music particularly in Vital Mode and Nire’s track “Vortex” which features beautifully bright plucks, basses and showcases many of the colourbass troupes you can hope to expect from both artists.

Never to shy away from splicing the inspirations of the two artists, Vortex borrows stylistic elements ranging from complextro, dubstep, future garage, and even psytrance. We asked them a series of questions regarding the release and themselves:

Q1: Can you give a brief introduction to yourselves and what you do?

Vital Mode: My name is Vital Mode and I’m a melodic bass music producer from Melbourne, Australia. I mainly make Dubstep, Complextro, Drum & Bass, Drumstep, Glitch Hop, that kind of stuff.
NIRE: Hey I’m NIRE, a dubstep music producer from Santiago, Chile. I make what people consider “melodic riddim/colour bass” with my own little twist on the genre, trying to make things a bit darker yet melodic.

Q2: How did you two meet?

Nire: Before making dubstep, I made what I consider a new genre called “Glitch House“, which is basically basshouse with more glitchy aspects. I came across Vital Mode‘s basshouse flip of Xilent‘s “Run” and the sound of it was what I was really into at the time so I decided to message him on Discord and we started talking from there.

Q3: How did this track come about and how did it find its way to Rushdown?

V.M.: It turned out we liked a lot of the same things when it came to production and music. We also had the same goal, which was to eventually release on Rushdown.

Nire: So after we started talking, I asked him if he would be down to work on something together and he said sure. We started throwing ideas for a few months until we decided to start from scratch and that’s where we got the main motif from the intro of the track.

V.M.: This track took us quite a while to work on. It started out as a completely different idea in mid-2019 but after a few weeks, we scrapped that first idea as it sounded a bit too much like Arise by Au5. So we decided to start a new idea.

Nire: We kept the collab on hold for a few months until we decided to get back on track with it, so we started sending stems to each other and doing zoom calls every week until we got the collab done by around August.

V.M.: Once we felt it was finished we sent it over to Chime. The two of us were quite nervous about if he would like it or not, despite getting great feedback from artists such as Dr. Ozi and Guillotine. However, Chime loved it and decided it would be great for New Colours Volume 2. 

Q4: How long have you both been producing?

V.M.: I started producing in 2015. I explored many different genres and styles throughout my first 2 years of producing. But I found that I enjoyed making melodic bass music the most and stick to that in late 2017.

Nire: I’ve been producing for around 3 and a half years since I started in 2017. I’ve always loved the balance between hard-hitting and melodic, so when I discovered the Rushdown crew and the colour bass sound, I was instantly hooked!

Q5: Can we expect more collabs in the future?

V.M.: Most definitely. I really enjoyed working with NIRE. We both taught each other new production techniques and shared many ideas that were so amazing. We don’t have anything in the works at the moment, but we are definitely planning on working together again soon. 

Nire: Definitely! Working with Vital Mode was so much fun and I really felt like our styles blended really nicely. In fact, after we finished our collab, I felt kinda sad that we wouldn’t do more zoom calls working on the track, cause I had a blast doing them haha. As he mentioned, we don’t have anything in the works at the moment but we are definitely gonna work together again in the future!

Q6: Who are your favorite up and comers in the scene?

V.M.: Some of my favorite up and comers in the melodic scene include Killin Void, modus, Retrograde, Distayne, Infowler, and of course NIRE.
Nire: Damn, I have many but if I had to name a few: Surphase, enum, Devath, Skybreak, Solaroid, and honestly all the Rushdown folks are killing it!

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Written by: Hamish Dorman

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