Hextheghost! Sorcerer Of Sounds In The Sacramento Area [Interview]

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Please welcome Hextheghost! to the storm!

Q1: Where does the name Hextheghost! come from? Take us back to those days when were making those decisions.

A1: Like all good things, Hextheghost! just came out of thin air. I fell in love with the name, I had researched and found that there was no connections to that name anywhere on the internet. So I swept it up pretty quickly. Its not just a cool name its my brand. I have tons of merchandise dropping very soon! 

Q2: House music seems to be your go-to genre. Where does this fascination come from?

A2: House music will always have a huge spot in my heart. There’s seriously nothing better than sitting down and laying down some catchy basslines. I’ve always just been fascinated by the amount of freedom you get while writing a house track. I can make any genre but ill always come back to house. 

Q3: What sort of advantages and or benefits have you gained this year that you plan on utilizing in 2021 in regards to music?

A3: Although this year has proved to be difficult for most people, I used the extra time I had away from work to sort of find my sound. This year has been the best for me musically. I’m able to sit down in the studio and make any genre that I want. Something I could never do before. I know a few artists that stopped making music simply because of the lack of shows. Which is really dumb to me, I kept banging out tunes full steam ahead. And you know what, its paying off. Next year, hopefully depending on how this covid situation plays out, you’ll be seeing my name a lot more. 

Q4: Walk us through your inspiration and creative process behind your track, Player One? What went into that track mentally?

A4:  Player One. One day I wrote these chord progressions that were initially in 128bpm. I wasn’t feeling it, and I knew I wanted to make something sorta like synthwave, so I slowed it down to 120bpm and as soon as i threw the drum tracks in I knew exactly where I was gonna take it. My inspiration for Player One came from the actual film titled “Player One” where humans can live in a virtual reality world. I wanted to take my listeners on a ride and I think I did that with this track. 

Q5: What about Fvnk The Ghost?

A5: Fvnk the Ghost was one of the most fun I had on a track. After I wrote the chord progression I kept experimenting on what types of bass would compliment the sound. After trial and error I wrote the bassline and realized I was pretty much obsessed with it. Everyone I showed it to loved it. And the rest is history. This song perfectly represents the energy my music brings. Its very uplifting and melodic, such an easy tune to vibe to. Expect more! 

Q6: What is one fun fact you want your fans to know about you?

A6: Fun fact about me, I’m obsessed with 80s nu wave music!

Q7: Eating and or drinking before a show/set. What are your thoughts and opinions on it?

A7: Personally the gigs I’ve ever played  at, I definitely 100% drank before the set. Take the nerves away!

Q8: Be sure to give the people you see killing it a shout-out! Who are they?

A8: I wanted to shout out Dylan English (Oldd_English) who I met in Sacramento when I moved up here. He’s another producer who’s killin it right now. He’s also my business partner, we started BurnthePhoenix Records together!
Aaron @twocann_music who has always supported me from the very start and has showcased my music on his social and playlists. Big ups to that guy!
Shayla @djcakebaby for supporting my tunes from the very beginning, shes played my tracks on her twitch streams so shout-out to her!
Thank you to all my listeners, thank you to everyone who has been riding with me all this year. I truly appreciate and love every one of you! Big things are coming!

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